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Good News in History, November 18

90 years ago today, Mickey Mouse first appeared on the big screen in the animated film Steamboat Willie. The cartoon character drawn—and voiced—by animator...

Good News in History, November 16

30 years ago today, Benazir Bhutto became the first woman to lead a Muslim state when she was elected the Prime Minister of Pakistan...

New Cow Feed Causes Fewer Farts, Say Swiss Inventors Who Want to Curb Global Warming

The specialized recipe could put a big dent in the amount of harmful flatulence that is produced by livestock.

Watch Her Break Glass Ceiling With Moves Worthy of First Female Breakdancer to Hold a World Title

After her performance on Sunday, Ami has just become the first woman to ever hold a world breakdancing championship title.

California Has Just Approved Law Requiring All Cosmetics to Be Cruelty-Free

In an exciting show of display for animal welfare, California will soon require all cosmetics sold in the state to be cruelty-free.

Solar-Powered, Weed-Killing Robots Could Save Farmers Billions of Dollars on Herbicides

Instead of charging farmers money for blindly spraying an entire crop field with herbicide, these autonomous robots are ready to disrupt a multi-billion dollar agrochemical industry.

France Will Shut Down Its Coal Plants by 2021, Two Years Earlier Than Initially Planned

This is just one of the initiatives employed by the country to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and establish themselves as leading fighters against climate change.

This is Ruby Chocolate, First Official Type Established in 80 Years, Made With Ruby Cocoa Bean

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! There is now a fourth kind of chocolate to enjoy outside of dark, milk, and white. Barry Callebaut, the world famous Switzerland-based...

Scientists May Soon Be Able to Give Transplant Patients 3D Artificial Hearts

Scientists have harnessed the use of 3D printing in order to create a silicone heart that works just like a human’s. Different from the current...

Tribute to Sir Roger Moore, the Third James Bond (1927-2017)

Sir Roger Moore, the English gentleman responsible for the devastatingly handsome third incarnation of the James Bond movie series, has just passed away at the...

Nature Conservation Becomes Bridge to Peace in the Middle East

Loss of biodiversity is a major challenge in today's world, as is the quest for peace in the Middle East. But these scientists believe...

170 Nations Celebrate A Pledge to Eliminate Super Harmful Greenhouse Gas

Countries big, small, wealthy, and poor have just signed an agreement that could save the planet from 70 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

Mysterious Cat Rescues Injured Tourist From Swiss Mountains

Some people have guardian angels guiding their destinies – but this guy apparently has a guardian cat watching over him.

“Non-Stop” Random Acts of Kindness Score Home Run At World Softball Championships

There were no losers at this year’s World Softball Championships in Surrey, British Columbia. The U.S. may have beaten Japan for the gold medal...

United Arab Emirates Names Ministers of Happiness and Tolerance

Not feeling happy? There’s a government agency to fix that — if you’re in the United Arab Emirates. The country ranked 20th on the world...

How Big Chains From Walmart to H&M Are Cleaning Up Chemicals

Thousands of synthetic chemicals are used to create toys, clothes, makeup, cleaning products, and all of the other items we use everyday. Some are...

Whoah! Swiss Army Airlifts Tons of Water To Rescue 20,000 Cows

They hauled water ‘til the cows came home. The Swiss Army recently wrapped up a massive month-long effort to airlift tons of water to thirsty...

Local Masons Rebuild Ancient Tombs Destroyed By Militants

Local masons in Timbuktu, Mali have rebuilt eight ancient mausoleums, turning the tombs into monuments to tolerance and peace three years after an invading...

Listen Up: Gene Therapy Brings Hearing to Deaf Mice, Hope for Humans

You heard right: two new studies show serious promise in the use of gene therapy to prevent deafness in infants and restore hearing in...

Baby Elephant Falls in a Ditch – Herd Races to the Rescue

[youtube] A cute video captured by visitors to the Switzerland zoo in Zurich shows a 2-month-old baby elephant falling into a ditch. She can't get...