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Mystery Man Donates $131,000 So That Sick UK Boy Can Get the Rare Cancer Treatment He Needs in USA

So many donations have poured in for a sick English boy who needs treatment in the US – but the most important one was just given by an anonymous donor.

FDA Approves Once-Monthly Preventative Migraine Treatment With No Major Side Effects

The treatment, which has been shown to dramatically reduce episodic and chronic migraines, is being hailed as “a huge deal” by researchers.

Ultrasound Waves Applied to Brain Could Be a Treatment for Dementia—Free of Side Effects

Japanese scientists have found that applying ultrasound waves to the brain can improve cognitive dysfunction – and possibly combat dementia. The research found that applying low-intensity...

Turkey Announces They Are Setting Aside a Ton of Money to Make Cancer Treatments Free

“A cancer patient will not pay any extra fee as the state will cover it all,” says the Minister for Labor and Social Security.

8-Year Study Shows That Simple Treatment Can Reverse Type 1 Diabetes to Almost Undetectable Levels!

This groundbreaking new study shows that a 100-year-old tuberculosis treatment can be used to reverse the effects of type 1 diabetes.

New Brain Cancer Treatment for Terminal Patients is Shown to Be ‘Remarkably Promising’

Ordinarily, these brain cancer patients would not live longer than 17 months after their initial diagnosis – but after undergoing clinical trials for a...

Magnetic Brain Treatment Erases Suicidal Thoughts in Dramatic Portion of Depressed Patients, Study

All of the study participants were diagnosed with hard-to-treat depression, but this non-invasive treatment was shown to erase suicidal thoughts in an impressive amount of the patients.

Treatment For Autism to Start Trials After Successful Testing, Good For Alzheimer’s Too

The therapeutic agent, which could also be used to treat Alzheimer's, showed great success in reducing social anxiety and improving memory function.

Surprise Finding Could Lead to New MS Treatments

A surprise finding by medical scientists may lead to the development of a possible treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS). While examining human brain tissues, researchers...

Sarah Silverman Befriends Troll Who Insulted Her and Pays For His Medical Treatment

When a man insulted Sarah Silverman on social media, she chose to respond with kindness, rather than anger.

New Drug Could Offer First Treatment For Irreversible Huntington’s Disease

The terrible neurodegenerative disease currently has no cure – but this groundbreaking treatment inspires great hope for the future.

Once a Quadriplegic He Now Throws Ceremonial First Pitch After Breakthrough Treatment

No one ever believed that Lucas Lindner would be able to use his arms again, let alone throw the first pitch at a Major...

South African Child ‘Virtually Cured’ of HIV After 1 Year of Treatment

An astonishing new breakthrough in curing HIV may have just surfaced in the form of a 9-year-old South African child. Currently, the only methods with...

Remember Britney Spears? She Just Donated Heaps of Cash to Child Cancer Treatment

Britney Spears has now staked a more nobel claim to fame. The beloved pop icon reportedly donated over $1 million to the Nevada Childhood Cancer...

New Treatment Offers Hope for Women With Frequent Hot Flashes

Women plagued by frequent hot flushes during menopause could cut the number of flashes by almost three-quarters, thanks to an exciting new drug compound. In...

Quiznos to Require Ethical Treatment of Their Chickens

One of the top North America sandwich restaurant franchises, Quiznos, aims to establish itself as a fast-food category leader in animal welfare practices. They just announced plans...

Treatment Has Saved 77% of Cancer Patients Needing Amputations

Patients with a form of advanced malignant cancer in their arms or legs have typically faced amputation of the afflicted limb as the only treatment option. However,...

Boy Can’t Help But Dance After Ringing Special Bell Signifying End of Treatment

Jimmy Spagnolo couldn't help jumping for joy after he rang this special bell. That's because the bell signified the end to the 6-year-old's routine of...

First Ever Study Shows Chair Yoga is Effective Arthritic Treatment

This is the first controlled study that shows chair yoga to be more effective at arthritic pain relief than health education programs or pharmacology.

Platypus Venom Could Hold Key to Diabetes Treatment

Researchers have recently discovered that the same glucose-regulating hormone in the platypus's gut is also found in its venom.