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Santa Claus Melts Hearts By Getting Down on One Knee to Thank WWII Veteran for His Service

Santa Claus took a break from chatting with his adoring young fans to get down on one knee and thank 93-year-old Bob Smiley for his service in WWII.

Town Surprises Man by Replacing Truck He’s Used to Transport Veterans for 20 Years

For the last 40 years, Ron Elliott has been using a special pick-up truck to transport the bodies of dead Vietnam veterans to their...

Homeless Veteran Asks for Nothing, But Town Insists On Helping Him Anyway

While some towns rally around high school athletic teams, this community has found common ground in their care and appreciation for a homeless man...

American Trucker Spontaneously Buying Dinner for Canadian Veterans — One of His ‘Greatest Memories’

This American trucker said that his son inspired him to do something kind for veterans – even if they happened to be from another country.

Veterans Are Finding Peace From PTSD Through ‘Float Therapy’

Veterans across the U.S. are finding an extraordinary source of relief from their pain and PTSD thanks to floatation therapy, an alternative treatment for...

94-Year-old Veteran Has Spent a Decade Cheering on Students With Life Advice and Fist Bumps

Every day for the last ten years, Wally Richardson has stood outside of a local middle school so he can cheer up the youngsters with wisdom and fist bumps.

Veteran-Run Business is Left Destitute When Equipment is Stolen, But People Spend $15K to Replace It

When Cody Nichols discovered that someone had stolen several thousand dollars worth of equipment from his veteran-run landscaping business, he feared the worst for...

Girl’s Postcard to a Veteran Boasts the Simple Wisdom of Children

When a certain work assignment brought me to Nebraska for two weeks, this Canadian was given a wonderful opportunity to become immersed not only...

Tailor Has Given Free, Fitted Suits to Veterans – and They’re Doing It Again This Summer

Not only does the suit offer a much-needed confidence boost, it also gives them an invaluable tool for finding employment after their service.

Watch 95-Year-old Air Force Veteran Show Little Boy How to Be Brave on the Diving Board

When a young boy was too scared to get on the diving board at a local pool, Michael Bliss was the man to prove...

Bank Restores Stolen Funds to Oldest Living US Veteran After Identity Theft

After the oldest living veteran was the victim of identity theft, his bank made sure to step up and take care of him accordingly.

Get Tickets For a Tom Hanks Shakespeare Play, Produced and Crafted By Troubled Veterans

If you’ve ever wanted to see a live Tom Hanks performance, now is your chance—and you can show appreciation at the same time to...

Do You Know a Vet Who Needs a New Smile? Offices are Holding Free Dental Day For Veterans

If you, or a veteran you know, needs some dental work, now is the chance to sign up to restore a shining smile commensurate...

When a WWII Veteran Couldn’t Walk to His Wife’s Grave, Two Men Carried Him There

96-year-old George Boone was resigned to paying his respects from the car – but these two men refused to let that happen, even if it meant carrying him every step of the way.

Sorority Grants World War II Veteran’s Final Wish to Dance with a Beautiful Woman

92-year-old Paul Sonnier harbored one final wish that he wanted to fulfill before leaving this life, and it was to have one more dance...

More Than 70 Volunteers Fix Up Childhood Home So Homeless Veteran Can Move Back in

“This just blows me away that there are people that are really truly that kind. It absolutely restores my view of humanity,” says the 60-year-old veteran.

Home Depot is Donating $50 Million to Job Training for Veterans and Disadvantaged Youth

In order to curb rising housing prices and labor shortages, Home Depot has just announced that they will be making a huge donation towards...

Two Veterans Have Spent an Unbelievable 15,000 Hours Driving Disabled Vets to the Hospital

These two senior veterans have collectively driven over 300,000 miles for their disabled comrades – and they plan on driving even more.

Veteran With Heart of Gold is Surprised With $60,000 Dental Implants By Generous Dentist

A veteran with a heart of gold has just been given $60,000 worth of dental work – but it looks like a million bucks. Larry...

Man Opens Home to 89-Year-old Veteran Because ‘Family is not tied with bloodlines’

This Navy veteran may have started as Corey Jones's golf coach – but now, he's part of the family.