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On Women’s Day, Government Launches Biodegradable Sanitary Pads

The hygiene products will also only cost a measly Rs. 10 – which is roughly $0.15 a pop.

Women Encircle a Crying Mom Whose Toddler Was Having a Meltdown at the Airport

While airports might usually be hotspots for stress and travel anxiety, this woman was heartened by how a group of strangers came together to help a crying mom.

Men on Norway’s Soccer Team Take Wage Cut So Women Players Earn Equal Pay (They Already Win More)

The Norwegian men's national soccer team just took a major pay cut so their female counterparts could be paid the same amount. Up until this...

Look at This Quick Guide to the Habits, Advice, and Inspiration of the World’s Most Successful Women

This infographic is all about the habits of the world's most influential women and how they believe other women can find success as well.

Powerful Hollywood Women Strike Back, Raise $15 Million For Anti-Harassment Action Plan

Women such as Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Kerry Washington, Anita Hill, and Ashley Judd have all signed onto the initiative alongside thousands of female blue-collar workers.

Stranded Women and Dogs Rescued After 5 Months Drifting on Pacific Ocean

The Hawaiian sailors who had been headed for Tahiti were eventually rescued by the U.S. Navy 900 miles southeast of Japan.

The ‘Women of NASA’ Blast-off in New Lego Set

A LEGO fan suggested the idea of honoring women pioneers of NASA–and the new set includes Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride & Mae Jemison.

Watch Convict From Women’s Prison on the Front Lines as Firefighter

Convicted of drinking and driving, she was hoping to go to an alcohol treatment center during her time in prison, but California “needed bodies”...

Fierce Competition to Be the Kindest Inmate Inside a Women’s Prison

Typically, kindness doesn’t top the list of survival skills needed in a women’s prison. But last week, inmates around the world who call themselves “compassionistas” teamed...

Saudi Arabia to Allow Women to Drive in Historic Decision

Activists are honking their horns after a sudden announcement from Saudi Arabia that will finally allow women to drive a car.

Country Passes Landmark Law Banning ‘All Violence Against Women’

Tunisia has just joined the ranks of countries that have issued bans for violence against women.

The First Self-Defense Studio in the Middle East that Teaches Women to Fight Back

A female boxer was tired of women in the Middle East being told they had to accept violence and abuse – and now, thanks...

Taxi Service By Women, For Women, Launches in India

Created to prevent harassment of women, this is the first transportation service of its kind in India.

Pakistan Opens First Ever Violence Against Women Center

While Pakistan might be a notorious region for female abuse, the country is taking steps towards better gender equality by opening up 36 different...

Family Celebrates 3 Generations of Women Graduating This Year

Five different women from three generations – all graduating from their respective schools as a family.

Women Recovering From Eating Disorders Can Receive Free Fitted Clothes, Thanks to Former Patient

Recovering from an eating disorder is no easy journey - that's why this nonprofit wants to take some of the burden off of women's...

Saudi Women Will No Longer Need Men’s Permission to Seek Education, Health Care

Saudi Arabia is slowly – but surely – starting to join the modern world in terms of gender equality Though the kingdom is still one...

Fewer Women are Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant Than Ever Before

The signage varies but the message is working; drinking by pregnant women is down 11% in states requiring point-of-sale warning signs. According to a health...

Rick Steves Sacrifices Nest Egg to House Dozens of Homeless Women and Kids

Travel guide guru Rick Steves just gave a $4 million apartment complex to homeless women and kids who need housing.

New Treatment Offers Hope for Women With Frequent Hot Flashes

Women plagued by frequent hot flushes during menopause could cut the number of flashes by almost three-quarters, thanks to an exciting new drug compound. In...