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Photo led to dog adoption

Photographer’s Talent Rescues Abandoned Animals

A professional photographer focused her talent on the plight of homeless dogs. Now her photos persuade hundreds of families to fall in love with...

A Paw and a Prayer: Pilots Save Shelter Animals

Lady Di is a lovely purebred collie with a pleasant disposition, just like many of dogs dumped at shelters which euthanize animals by...

Tax Breaks to Encourage Pet Adoptions

Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, from Santa Clarita, CA, has introduced legislation to provide a tax deduction, allowing individuals to deduct the adoption fees of...

Countries Agree on Plan to Save Animals

Over one hundred countries are taking action to save endangered livestock breeds using genetic stockpiling to preserve a wide variety of species, according to...

Watch Uber Driver Surprise Passengers With Shelter Pups

Jonathan Guarano wanted to raise awareness for animal adoption – so he brought these perfect pups along for his passengers to love.

Brewery Gives Free Case of Beer to Anyone Who Adopts Abused Dog at Local Shelter

In order to encourage people to adopt, this Hungarian brewery is giving away free crates of personalized beer to anyone who adopts one of...

Millionaire Leaves Business to Create Sanctuary for Doomed Cats (Video)

One man has made it his mission to create a Shangri-La for unwanted and troubled cats. As Richard Schlesinger reports, sometimes animals with the...

Guy Dressed as Batman Has Rescued Dozens of Shelter Pets From Euthanasia

This real-life superhero has rescued dozens of shelter pets in distress – and he has done it all while trying to stay anonymously dressed as Batman.
service dogs at Princeton University college- part of RUSEPRC

College is Pairing Service-Dogs-in-Training With Stressed Students Who Could Use a Furry Friend

College can be stressful for any young adult – but one university club has been cheering anxious students with guide dogs who could use the experience.

Good News in History, April 30

80 years ago today, the New York World‘s Fair opened, featuring The World of Tomorrow — a prophetic vision of the future that included...

This Dog’s Adoration for His Food Bowl Got Him Adopted Just in the Nick of Time

This sweet pup may not have found a forever home this month if it had not been for his beloved metal food bowl.

Deaf Puppy Gets Sign Language Lessons After Being Adopted By Man Who is Also Deaf

This deaf puppy has been given a new lease on life after being adopted by a man who is also deaf.

Can ‘Depression’ Be Good For You? An Enlightened Look at the ‘Epidemic’

By Dr. Neel Burton, Psychiatrist at Oxford University Most people think of depression as a mental disorder, that is, a biological illness of the brain....

Dog Goes From Digging Through Trash to Being Featured in a Hollywood Movie—and Happy Ever After

No one imagined a malnourished mutt would go from sifting through trash to being adored on the silver screen with millions of new fans.

They Set Up Emergency Shelter Near Wildfire Disaster Zone and Took in Dozens of Wandering Cats

This rescue group has spent the last two months rescuing cats lost in the Camp Fire evacuation and reuniting them with their distressed families.

Hundreds of People Are Saving Feral Felines From Death in NYC By Adopting Them as ‘Worker Cats’

There are thousands of feral felines living on their own in the United States – and with some cities scrambling to control the increasing...

Watch Magician Perform Magic Tricks for Bewildered Shelter Dogs in Hopes of Getting Them Adopted

As a means of showing off the personalities of these adorably bamboozled shelter pups, a magician made their dog treats “magically” disappear.

10 Ways to Make the World a Better Place With Your Better Half

What better way to bond with your significant other than teaming up to make the world a better place?

When Microchips Fail, Facial Recognition App is Reuniting Pets With Their Owners

The app connects hundreds of pet owners, veterinarians, and shelters together with a database of animal photos.

‘Gilligan’s Island Crew’ of Puppies Rescued From Uninhabited Island – Safe and Happy

The seven pups will reportedly be named after their human counterparts from the show based off of their personality.