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Woman Makes Drug-free Patches That Treat Nausea, Cramps, Vertigo, Hangovers – And Even Car Sick Pets

Ever since she was 8 years old, and both her parents were hospitalized with undiagnosable illnesses, Nicole Burdock has aspired to become a “good...

Watch What Happens When Kid Dials the Police – So He Can Invite Them to His Birthday

People should only dial the police emergency number when they urgently need help—but when cops in this town learned the reason why a 5-year-old...

Good News in History, July 22

Happy 70th Birthday to the author who birthed the genre known as Young Adult Fiction, S.E. Hinton. She wrote her pivotal novel “The Outsiders”...

Woman’s Spontaneous Question Leads to Saving Man’s Life Years Later On the Phone

This woman doesn't quite know what compelled her to ask for her friend's contact number back in the day – but she was amazed to find that it ended up saving his life years later.

Self-Driving, 3D-Printed Boats Could Free Up Traffic Congestion by Sailing on City Waterways

If you're distrustful of self-driving cars carrying people, what about these autonomous boats that can free up traffic congestion by ferrying goods?

Deputy’s Act of Kindness Leads Homeless Man to Family He Never Knew He Had –WATCH

Michael was a panhandling homeless man who thought he was all alone in the world. Then, a deputy's random act of kindness led him to a loving family he never knew he had. (WATCH)

Chance Encounter Spurs Officer to Help Buy a $2000 Chair For Vietnam Vet

Officer Jordan Gaiche was patrolling the neighborhood on a chilly Monday night when he saw a man walking down the sidewalk in a tee-shirt...

Good Samaritans Rush to Rescue Injured Officer From Fallen Car

Over a dozen bystanders rushed to the aid of a police officer whose car had gotten rammed into a creek off the side of the road.

Police Officer Fulfills Dying Woman’s Wish to Walk on Beach One Last Time

All Patricia Kelly wanted before she died was to walk on her favorite beach one last time—but her failing condition meant she couldn't make it...

Muslim Teen Assists Police in Arrest of Man Who Assaulted Jewish Woman

This 17-year-old Muslim teen didn't have to put himself at risk when chasing down an older attacker, but he didn't care – all he...

UPS Deliveries May Now Arrive Via Electrically-Powered Bikes

These eco-friendly delivery bikes could save massive amounts of carbon emissions from being poured into the atmosphere by UPS trucks.

Hawaii’s Newest Species Named in Honor of President Obama

A new species of coral fish was named after President Obama to honor his conservation of Hawaiian waters—the famous campaign logo even appears on the tail.

Flickering Coastal Lights Bid Good Night to Kids at Children’s Hospital (WATCH)

Every night at 8:30PM, business signs and flashlights start to blink as a sparkling goodbye to the sickly children watching from the hospital windows.

The America I Know, The Humanity I Know

I start to write this as I sit in a coffee shop in a mall in India. It's early August. The monsoon is ending,...

Cop Posts Selfies with Dogs He Saved To Help Them Reunite With Owners

Social media has once again reunited a family thanks to a Massachusetts police officer's Facebook selfies.

Cuba’s Airport Gets a Boost For Tourism with International Partnership

Since America's embargo with Cuba was lifted, the Caribbean country has been struggling to welcome the overwhelming amount of tourists at Havana airport.

Oprah Winfrey Steps Up to Aid DC Homeless Women in Big Way (WATCH)

Oprah surprised a Washington, DC charity with a huge announcement and a donation that would make Tom Cruise jump on her couch again.

Police, Firefighters Hear Mom’s Plea, Lonely Autistic Boy Gets Best Day Ever

When friends stood him up for a play date, police and firefighters saved the day for this autistic boy. Eleven-year-old Austin Mendrala has been having...

Bird Nests Atop Police Car, Cops Respond in Sweetest Way Possible (WATCH)

An Ohio police cruiser won’t be racing to crime scenes any time soon — it’s been turned into a nursery for the mourning dove...

Watch a Sea Otter Scoop Up Her Baby in Rare Heartwarming Reunion at Sea

In an extremely rare occurrence, a 2-day-old sea otter was reunited with its mother after being blown away in a strong tide.