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Study Shows Drinking Coffee Could Cut Risk of Diabetes by Half

  Besides a jolt of caffeine to get you through your day, a long-term study shows that coffee may have additional ‘perks’… Researchers say an inflammation-lowering...

Insulin Pills, Artificial Pancreas Offer Hope of Easier Diabetes Treatments

Insulin pills and an artificial pancreas are two new tools being tested for preventing and treating diabetes. Each could free patients from daily blood...

Peanuts May Lower Your Risk of Dying From Cancer, Diabetes & Heart Disease

Nuts and peanuts may protect against several major causes of death, according to a study that began in 1986 involving 120,000 Dutch adults. A paper...

Diabetes Breakthrough: Scientists Coax Human Stem Cells Into Making Insulin

Since his infant son Sam was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 23 years ago, Harvard scientist Doug Melton has dedicated his career to finding...
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Dark Chocolate May Help Prevent Obesity, Diabetes

More good news for chocolate lovers. Another study has shown that chocolate is good for you, this time, counter-intuitively, it was shown to ward...
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Many Americans Now Successfully Managing Diabetes: Study

With improved awareness of diabetes and with newer medications, the number of people successfully managing their disease has spiked from just two percent a...
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Man Celebrates Historic 85 Years Living with Diabetes

When Bob Krause turned 90 last week, it was by virtue of an unflagging determination and a mentality of precision that kept his body...
Rector family with grandson and Dr. Manish Dixit

Grandson’s Disease Spurs Family to Fund First Rural Diabetes Center to Help Thousands of Families

Often, the most inspiring advances are born out of the need to fill a void. When long time Parsons residents Jacque and Kelly Rector's...

Artificial Pancreas Offers Hope for Children With Diabetes

Scientists in Cambridge have shown that an "artificial pancreas" can be used to regulate blood sugar in children with Type 1 diabetes. ...

Stem Cell Transplant ‘Very Encouraging’ for Type 1 Diabetes

A handful of people with type 1 diabetes have been able to survive without insulin shots for more than two-and-a-half years, on average,...
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Green Tea Compound May Prevent Diabetes

The antioxidant compound found in green tea could slow or even prevent the development of type 1 diabetes, new research in mice suggests. ...

50 Secrets of the Longest Living People with Diabetes

An associate professor of exercise science at Virginia's Old Dominion University shares the stories of some 55 people who've managed healthy lives through type...

Breast-Feeding Seen to Curb Type 2 Diabetes Later

Breast-fed babies appear to be less likely to develop type 2 diabetes when they reach adolescence, according to findings published in the medical journal...

Stem Cell Cure Hope for Diabetes

Scientists have used stem cells from human bone marrow to repair defective insulin-producing pancreatic cells responsible for diabetes in mice. The treatment also halted...

Canadians Announce Major Diabetes Breakthrough

CTV reports on Bioengineers at the University of Calgary who have successfully grown insulin-producing cells in a lab, which they say marks a major...

Parkinson’s Patients Experience Significant Reduction in Tremors Thanks to Ultrasound Procedure

Not only was the procedure found to be safe and well-tolerated, it was also shown to dramatically improve the patients' quality of life.

Revolutionary New Arm Cast is Waterproof, Breathable, and Itch-Free

In addition to being more hygienic and stylish than traditional casts, they are also far less harrowing to remove once the limb has healed.

After Decades of Little Progress, Researchers Are Finally Catching Up to Sepsis

With the condition costing the healthcare system billions of dollars every year, researchers are celebrating a new breakthrough in treating sepsis.

Copper Hospital Beds Could Save Millions of Lives Since New Study Says They Harbor 95% Less Bacteria

It's common knowledge in the medical community that copper has antibacterial properties—but this new study has outlined just how strong the metal really is.

FDA Approves the First New Cystic Fibrosis Treatment in Decades

The drug, Trikafta, which was developed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals, can be used to treat 90% of cystic fibrosis patients 12 years or older in America.