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Couple Has Taken 11,000 Dogs into Their Own Home So the Pups Won’t Be Euthanized

The South Carolina couple is currently sharing their hearth and home with 86 different rescue dogs destined for doom.

This Guy Has Fed Dogs of the City’s Homeless for 5 Years; Now He Has Bigger Plans

Paul Crowell has been a guardian angel to the homeless dogs of San Francisco for the last five years – and now, he wants to do more.

7-Year-old Boy Starts ‘Underground Railroad’ to Rescue Over 1,000 Dogs From Kill Shelters

Roman McConn may only be 7 years old, but he has rescued over 1,000 dogs from a fatal end. The youngster is the mastermind behind...

Instead of Seeing Fireworks on Fourth of July, 200 People Spent Their Holiday Comforting Shelter Dogs

Dogs are notoriously scared of the bright, noisy fireworks that ignite American skies every Fourth of July – and shelter pups have no one...

In Landmark Case, South Korean Court Rules That it is Illegal to Kill Dogs for Food

The historic ruling has animal rights activists rejoicing – but there is still more work to be done.

Man Harnesses His Dog’s Love of Golf Balls for Fetch Game That Can Save Shelter Dogs Like Him

Al Cooper doesn't know what his life would be like if he hadn't adopted Davos – so as a means of giving back to the shelter, he started taking his dog to the golf course.

In the Midst of Volcanic Eruption, Rescuers Brave Lava to Save Trapped Dogs

These rescuers did not care about the risks – they were determined to save these two pups from their dangerous predicament.

8th Grader Creates Website That Pairs Shelter Dogs With Compatible Owners– and it’s Working

8th grader Aiden Horwitz is the perfect example of how you are never too young to make a difference. The 13-year-old is currently making headlines...

Dog Adorably Jumps Double Dutch Ropes Being Turned by Two Other Dogs and a Human

Scruffy the dog wow'ed the crowd at this Florida Gators game after he masterfully displayed his talent for double dutch jump roping.

Instead of Elephants, This Family Circus Features Happy Rescue Dogs as the Stars

There are few things better in the world than the smell of popcorn, cotton candy, and a glittering show, but one circus in Illinois...

These Dogs Are Trained to Detect the Smell of Parkinson’s Just by Sniffing a Tee Shirt

Parkinson's disease is a debilitating neurodegenerative disorder that currently has no objectively approved screening method. Doctors are only able to make a diagnosis by...

Humans Don’t Know What These Dogs Are Doing Until They Find Confused Senior Shivering in the Snow

“It could have been a tragic outcome had Adam and Eva not woken us,” said Susan Chester.

Dogs Love Your Smile So Much, They Are Willing to Ignore Danger

As if we needed more evidence that dogs are man's best friend. Previous research delving into canine psychology has shown that when dogs and humans...

Shelter Dogs to Get Temporary Homes So They Can Celebrate Thanksgiving With Families

Thanksgiving may be a holiday for humans, but that doesn't mean that these pups don't want to get in on the fun too. This Home...

Army of Veterinarians Treating Dogs and Cats for Free Until December

The team has already saved Texan families the financial burden of veterinary care by treating over 1,500 animals since October.

Stranded Women and Dogs Rescued After 5 Months Drifting on Pacific Ocean

The Hawaiian sailors who had been headed for Tahiti were eventually rescued by the U.S. Navy 900 miles southeast of Japan.

Video of Shelter Dogs Paddle-Boarding Helps Find Them Forever Homes

These shelter pups may have seen some tough times in their lives, but rescue volunteers ensured that they were repaid with the best day...

200 Dogs Rescued From Euthanization Fate in Largest Overseas Airlift Ever

205 pups, young and old, were airlifted from Puerto Rico earlier this week so they could finally be given a better life. The mission, which...

Man Spends Two Years Building Incredible Mini Mansion For His Dogs

This pit bull palace is fit for a king – or in this case, four very spoiled puppies.

Watch Adorable Otter Jump on Boat to Befriend Dogs

This little river critter just wanted to hang out with his land-based buddies. In a series of videos uploaded to YouTube, a persistent river otter...