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Photo courtesy of Sun Star

Being Positive and Optimistic Could Prevent Heart Attacks, Study Finds

Being happy and naturally optimistic cuts the risk of developing heart problems, say researchers. They found that those who are enthusiastic, contented and believe the...
Photo courtesy of Sun Star

Being Positive and Optimistic Could Prevent Heart Attacks, Study Finds

Being happy and naturally optimistic cuts the risk of developing heart problems, say researchers. They found...

How to Stay Optimistic Through the Recession, Bad Weather and Swine Flu (Video w/ Michael J. Fox)

Some people manage to maintain a rosy outlook no matter what's thrown at them. Tune in on Thursday May 7th, 2009 to see Michael J....

Stocks Continue to Rally on Optimistic News

Wall Street built on its big March rally Thursday as fresh nuggets of upbeat news gave traders reason to reach for more stocks....

Obama Effect? Blacks Optimistic in Spite of Economic Struggles

African-Americans are more optimistic about their financial outlook next year than the general population is, even though they say they're struggling more with...

Survey: Americans are Optimistic Despite Recession

A new study shows that Americans are optimistic that their economic prospects will improve within their lifetime and from one generation to...

Optimistic Officials See Congo Peace Deal Ahead

A pledge by Congolese Tutsi rebels to abandon their four-year insurgency marks a major step towards ending more than a decade of conflict in...

When Woman’s Car Fails and She Can’t Afford a Tow, Canadian Teens Push it 4 Miles to Get Her Home

Three teenage boys in Ontario pushed a stranger's car for four miles in the middle of the night just to help a stranger who had no money for a tow.

Rather Than End Up in a Landfill, Non-Recyclable Glass May Soon Be a Cheaper New Ingredient in Concrete

Australian researchers have developed an exciting new technique for making concrete out of non-recyclable glass that has been turned back into sand. The team found...

Minnesota Will Soon Pay for Your Landscaping Costs If You Plant Bee-Friendly Greenery

If you're a gardener living in Minnesota, the state may soon reimburse you for planting bee-friendly plants on your property.

Waterboy Becomes Unlikely Savior for Basketball Team That Bullied Him (MOTH Monday)

Despite being bullied by his teammates, one enthusiastic young athlete became a shining example of why no one should never give up in the face of adversity.

Uber to Launch New Fleet of Cars Piloted by Specially-Trained Canine Drivers (April Fools!)

Animal lovers are rejoicing over the ridesharing company's latest dog-sharing program, which is being called UberArf.

In World First, HIV-Positive Woman Donates Kidney to a Fellow HIV-Positive Patient

35-year-old Nina Martinez unknowingly contracted HIV as an infant – but now, she's proudly making history as the first living HIV-positive kidney donor.

100,000 Dogs Have Sent Love Letters to a 7-Year-old Girl Fighting a Brain Tumor

When social media heard about this young dog lover's medical diagnosis, thousands of pups took to their keyboards to send her letters of love.

Origami-Inspired Solar Panel Could Start Generating Renewable Electricity From Your Window

These folded solar panels work similarly to window blinds – except they can generate clean energy without blocking your natural light.

Scientist Surprised to Find How Important it is to Have Visual Diet Rich in Kindness Over Cuteness

This new piece of research shows that people experience twice as much positive emotion with images of kindness compared to pretty pictures.

New Bipartisan Legislation Making Animal Cruelty a Felony is Finally Expected to Pass

Animal lovers are rejoicing over a new piece of legislation that is expected to make animal cruelty a felony. The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT)...

Formerly Homeless Bus Driver Wins Awards Because He Never Stops Smiling – And His Passengers Love It

London's favorite bus driver has only been on the job for 16 months – but his cheerful disposition has won the former homeless ex-convict several awards.

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Back Pain May Soon Be a Thing of the Past After Scientists Successfully Implant Lab-Grown Spinal Discs

For the first time ever, scientists have successfully implanted spinal discs grown from stem cells – and their research had exciting results.