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Waste restaurants Parisian reuse-Suez-environnement

Paris Restaurants Turn Food Scraps into Biogas

A group of Paris restaurants is turning food scraps into biogas and compost ahead of a new law that will force thousands of French...
sheep grazing in Paris - AP video snapshot

Paris Employs Sheep to ‘Mow’ Lawn at City’s Gardens

Officials in Paris this week looking for a greener way to keep its lawns mowed, replaced the fleet of noisy gas-guzzling lawnmowers with a...
chef with trainee - Careers Through Culinary Arts

How an Ex-con Went from Selling Drugs to Culinary School in Paris

By the time Cesar Gutierrez was 16, he had already gone to jail twice, experimented with gang life, sold drugs and ran away from...

Synagogue, Mosque and Temple Rise Side by Side Near Church in Suburban Paris

20 miles east of Paris, a local mayor is breaking new ground by placing a synagogue, a mosque and two Buddhist temples side by...
Koreans cheer food aid delivery

North Korean Orchestra Visits Paris for First European Concert Ever

In a warming of ties between North and South Korea, a North Korean orchestra arrived in Paris today for a rare performance with a...
Gen. Lori Reynolds becomes first female commander

Marine’s Paris Island Gets First Female Commander

Parris Island, the South Carolina military installation that has trained thousands of young Marines, has its first female commander, Brig. Gen. Lori Reynolds, who...
Picasso painting of a hand

Hundreds of Unknown Picasso Works Discovered in Paris‎

An extraordinary cache of hundreds of works by Pablo Picasso, which were unknown for more than a half century, was introduced to the art...
Paris metro by Clarita, via

Heat From Paris Metro and its Travelers Will Warm Housing Project Above

Heat from trains moving along tracks in the Parisian metro combined with the warmth generated by human bodies will help heat a public housing...

Paris Gets its Own Beach for Summer

For Parisians who cannot make it to the beach, the city is bringing the beach to them. For the eighth year in a...

Church Hands Out Faith Stimulus to Parishioners

On a recent Sunday, members of Bay Community Church each were given envelopes stuffed with cash. Inside was $20, $40 or $100. No...

Paris Digs Deep to Harness Earth’s Energy

Paris is digging deep -- nearly two kilometres deep -- to tap into hot water that will provide ecologically clean heating for the...

Paris Eyes Plan for Drivers to Share Electric Cars

The citywide bike-sharing program embraced by Parisians and tourists that started one year ago was so successful that the mayor is proposing a...
bikes for rent

Paris Launches Green Transport Citywide (Video)

Electric trams, low-cost bicycle rentals, dedicated bus lanes and, before long, commuter buses. Paris has pulled out all stops in its efforts to offer...

Seven-Part Harmony Live on Paris Subway (Video!)

New York City hip-hop artists N7 were riding the Paris subway when they broke into song -- an incredible a capella rendition of Phil...

News Anchor Refuses to Read Paris Hilton Story in On-Air Protest

EDITOR'S BLOG - Mika Brzezinski is my new hero! The MSNBC anchorwoman refused to read a Paris Hilton story chosen as the lead for...

Paris to Roll Out Free Bicycles

Paris has contracted with a French firm to offer a free bicycle service to commuters, locals and tourists. Following a similar program in Amsterdam,...

Good News in History, November 7

30 years ago today, Doug Wilder in Virginia became the first elected African-American governor in United States history. The attorney and veteran was a...

La Ciencia de la Amabilidad Demuestra la Importancia de Abrazar en Nuestra Salud Física y Mental

¿Has tenido hoy tu abrazo diario? Si es no, estudios dicen que podrías estar perdiéndote algunos beneficios importantes en salud física y mental.

Nurse With No Experience Trading Stocks Wins $10,000 Playing a New Fantasy Stock Pick Game

A new fantasy stock game is rewarding people from all walks of life with cash prizes—like a nurse from Ohio that just won the $10,000 monthly prize, having no trading experience.

Science of Kindness Shows Just How Important Hugging is for Our Mental and Physical Health

Have you had your daily hug today? If you haven't, studies say that you might be missing out on some pretty notable mental and physical health benefits.