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‘Look what the cat dragged in’: Police Praise Cat for Cleaning Up Streets By Bringing Home Bag of Drugs

Typical house cats might surprise their humans with dead birds or mice – but this feline’s owner was shocked when he found what his...

Policeman Moved by Plea for Parenthood Adopts Baby of Drug-Addicted Homeless Woman

When a distressed homeless woman asked him to adopt her newborn daughter, this compassionate cop did not hesitate to oblige.

Police Officer Insists on Breastfeeding Hungry, ‘Dirty’ Baby, Gets Promoted

The compassionate cop immediately took it upon herself to help the neglected child – and now, she is being rewarded for her kindness.

Watch Police Officer Rescue Stranded Bride From the Roof of Her Flooding Car

According to the department, the bride's dress and shoes remained almost entirely dry throughout the whole ordeal.

Police Officer Vaults Over 30-Foot Overpass in Order to Save Suicidal Boy

The 28-year-old officer says that she did not really stop to think about the danger – she just knew that she needed to help the boy.

Watch What Happens When Kid Dials the Police – So He Can Invite Them to His Birthday

People should only dial the police emergency number when they urgently need help—but when cops in this town learned the reason why a 5-year-old...

Police Officer Shaves Homeless Man’s Beard in Gas Station Parking Lot So He Can Land a Job

This compassionate cop was not about to let a homeless man miss a job opportunity just because of his facial hair.

Thanks to Police Department’s ‘Pugshot’ of Lost Dog, Owner Pays Bail in Cookies

Getting a mugshot is no laughing matter—unless it helps a canine on the run. Bean the pug is going viral on social media after the...

Police Officer Finally Gets Ice Cream Truck So He Can Give Away Free ‘Copsicles’

These sweet police officers are redefining the phrase “protect and serve” now that they’ve got their own ice cream truck. Thanks to the efforts of...

Watch the Heroic Pup Who’s Been Trained to Perform CPR on Police Officers!

We've rarely seen a cuter hero than Poncho the pup. Poncho is a police dog who has been trained to perform CPR on officers who...

Women Sew Dozens of ‘Rescue Quilts’ for Young Trauma Victims So Police Can Comfort on Call

The group has already surged past their original goal – and they don't plan on stopping any time soon.

US Supreme Court Rules That Police Will Need a Warrant for Cell Phone Location Data

The US Supreme Court passed a historic ruling on Friday, stating that it is unconstitutional for police to access personal cell data without a warrant.

Watch Police Officer Handle a Crisis With Toddler Wandering On the Side of Highway

Initially, Mannino thought that the moving shape was a stray dog – but as he got closer, he was startled to see that it was actually a young boy.

Watch Police Officer Give Piggyback Ride to Elderly Man Struggling to Cross Busy Road

This elderly man still had seven lanes of traffic to cross when the pedestrian light turned red – but thankfully, there was a kind cop on hand to help.

Police Officer Stands in the Pouring Rain With a Smile as She Protects Critter From Traffic

A Maryland couple were surprised to see a police officer standing in the middle of the pouring rain – until they saw what she was guarding.

Police Praise Creative Students for ‘Best Senior Prank’ They’ve Ever Seen

The prank even garnered praise from the school district. Not only that, but it included an important public safety message as well.

‘Vicious’ Dog Call Turns into Friendship Between ‘Pit Bull’ and Police Officer

Assumptions make a fool of all of us – including the person who called the police department earlier this week about a “vicious” dog on the loose.

Carjacker Flags Down Police and Surrenders After Realizing Child is in the Vehicle

Even though he knew he would face jail time for his morality, this 23-year-old realized that he had accidentally kidnapped a young boy and immediately turned himself in.

Police Identify Missing Husky By Seeing if it Sings Along With its Favorite Tune

The owner of this sweet Siberian husky said that there was a very obvious way of figuring out the identity of the malnourished pup – by singing his favorite songs.

Police Officers Stand In For Children’s Parents Who Couldn’t Make it to School Dance

While school dances may be fun ways for children to bond with their parents, some moms and dads just can't join in because of...