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Homeless man by-miekaspop-Morguefile

Finding Homeless People Living in the Woods Motivates Starbucks Manager

A regional manager at Starbucks in Fredericksburg, Virginia discovered that there were homeless people living in the woods behind the shopping malls, where they...
Bracelets create jobs Starbucks-graphic

Starbucks Wristbands Created These Jobs

Starbucks has raised more than $7 million by selling 'Create Jobs' wristbands. The company expects the program to create 2,300 jobs as the money...
starbucks mug

Beer and Wine at Starbucks? Coming Next Year to Chicago

Trying to boost evening traffic to their stores, Starbucks will begin offering beer and wine, along with new options like cured meats in Chicago...
Indivisible bracelets by Starbucks

Starbucks Wants to Create Jobs — for Other Businesses

Starbucks Corp CEO Howard Schultz, decrying a lack of leadership in Washington, said his chain of coffee shops is helping to launch a nationwide...
Starbucks recycled cup

Starbucks Tries Again to Tackle Cup Recycling

Starbucks has promised that 100 percent of its cups will be reusable or recyclable by 2015, but that doesn't mean none will end up...

Starbucks to Cut Paper Cup Use, Announcing Sustainable Design Winner

Starbucks has an iconic cup design that is a major part of their brand identity. Even so, they want to figure out a way...
starbucks mug

Starbucks Gives Discounts for Bringing Own Mug, Now Features Fair Trade Coffee

Did you know that Starbucks has been giving customers who bring in a reusable travel mug a ten cent discount since 1985? Now,...

156 Countries Sing Together ‘All You Need is Love’ for Starbucks Love Project

Video cameras set up by the Starbucks LOVE Project filmed singers simultaneously in 156 countries as they each performed their own version of the...

Starbucks Backs Young Social Entrepreneurs With Thousands in Grants

25 young people from 17 countries will receive between $5,000 and $15,000 to enhance their work as social entrepreneurs, awarded through a 2008 competition...

Starbucks Barrista Donates Kidney to Customer

"For three years Starbucks barrista Sandie Andersen served coffee to regular customer Annamarie Ausnes, who has plycystic kidney disease.  A typical Starbucks acquaintanceship --...

Modest Seattle Woman Donates Entire $10 Million Fortune Earned From Trading Stocks to 17 State Schools

Seattle woman Eva Gordon left her entire $10-million dollar fortune, amassed through clever investing, to 17 state universities upon her death.

El Activista de 7 Años de Edad Convenció a L.L. Bean de Cambiar la Política de su Empresa

En una visita a la tienda principal de L.L.Bean en Freeport, Maine- Estados Unidos, Benjamin Ball de siete años de edad preguntó si la...

7-Year-Old Sea Turtle Activist Convinces L.L. Bean to Change Company Policy

On a visit to the L.L.Bean flagship store in Freeport, Maine, seven-year-old Benjamin Ball asked if the store’s café had a paper straw for...

Reviews for ‘The Good News Book’ Make the Case for Why You Should Read These Stories  

We sure appreciated seeing this today—a review for our new book... Good News Network published their first book last month, a collection of the best...

Barista’s Simple Question Leads to Her Husband Extending the Life of a Stranger

It all started because Nicole McNeil noticed that one of her customers looked more sad than usual – so she worked up the courage to ask what was wrong.

The Best Environmental News of 2018 — Earth Seems to be in Good Hands After All

Reviewing the most popular environmental achievements of 2018 is the perfect way to invigorate and inspire you for the year ahead.

Amazon is Investing to Make Sure Millions of Tons of Recycling Get Diverted From Landfills

Amazon has announced that it will be investing $10 million in Closed Loop Fund to support recycling infrastructure in the United States. Amazon’s investment will...

Woman Has Just $50 to Spend on Hurricane Victims But Store Manager Tells Her to Fill Up Some Carts Instead

Shelli Tench was ready to spend her last $50 on clothes for hurricane victims – but then the manager of her local Walmart stepped in to help instead.

Woman Pays for Stranger’s Coffee Only to Receive Heartfelt Letter in the Mail the Very Same Day

This young lady's simple act of kindness meant much more to a stranger than she ever thought it would.

Girl Scout Wrote Letters to Companies, Urging Them to Ditch Plastic – And They Did

Shelby O'Neil may only be 17 years old, but she is using her voice to save billions of pounds of plastic from landfills every year.