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With Medical Bills Climbing, Waitress Gets $1,000 Tip on $14 Bill

Medical bills were piling up for Chrisi Kemp after her daughter got sick and an appliance had just broken at home, reports ABC. The North...

92-yo Customer Pays Nursing Tuition for Waitress

Benjamin Olewine is a regular at the Peachtree restaurant where Melissa Mainier of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania worked for years as a waitress. Melissa knew she...
waitress surprised-YouTubePrankItFwd

‘Prank It Forward’ Changes Waitress’s Life With New Car and Job

A young woman who had a serious eating disorder but reformed her life through yoga and is now helping others, received a series of...
Restaurant-Boone County Family-Rockford Illinois

Tip of a Lifetime: Three Lucky Waitresses Get $5,000 Checks

The Boone County Family Restaurant in Rockford, Illinois has some very happy workers today. Three waitresses there, each in their 20's, "stared in disbelief Saturday...
waitress holds tip receipt for thousand dollars

Waitress in Financial Need Gets $1,075 Tip

A waitress at a Knoxville restaurant says she is still in shock after a customer tipped her $1,075 this week. When Khadijah Muhammad left for...
Ellen rewards waitress who bought lunch for service members

Ellen Show Gives Waitress Big Reward For Picking Up Military Members’ Tab

The bill was $27.75, her reward for paying it was far greater. Sarah Hoidahl, a New Hampshire waitress, even though she is a single...
TIP for 1000 dollars document by CasualCynic on Tumblr

Stranger Gives Waitress a $1,000 Tip to Fund her Dream Trip To Italy

A blogger on Tumblr shared an inspiring story about her mom who is a waitress and her long-time dream to go to Italy and...
cafe table diner-ABC6video

Rhode Island Waitress Lands $458 Tip on $42 Pizza (WATCH)

The single mother of three has worked at Uncle Tony's Pizza in Cranston, Rhode Island for the last 15 years. She has regular customers...
waitress gets 1000 tip - WLBT video clip

UPDATED: Waitress Gets $1,000 Tip on $30 Bill (w/ Video)

A big tipper is spreading wealth and joy in the city of Madison. A customer at Vasillio's Greek restaurant left a $1,000.00 tip Thursday...
waitress gets 1000 tip - WLBT video clip

UPDATED: Waitress Gets $1,000 Tip on $30 Bill (w/ Video)

A big tipper is spreading wealth and joy in the city of Madison. A customer at Vasillio's Greek restaurant left a $1,000.00 tip Thursday...
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Lottery Winner Shares Winnings With Waitresses

Newly minted Canadian millionaire Jorma Hogbacka made good this week on an old promise to share his $14.8 million lottery win with a group...

Customer Surprises Waitress With Help for College

A waitress was overheard by a customer while talking with her co-worker about the struggle to pay for college textbooks. After the customer left,...

Kindness is Returned When One Waitress Helps Out

A waitress in a small Texas diner lent money to a raggedy customer for bus fare, and bought her some pancakes. The customer...

For 40 Years, No One Could Open Museum Safe – Until Cheeky Dad Cracked It On His First Try

Locksmiths declared this mysterious safe “impossible” to open, but a 36-year-old museum visitor just proved the experts wrong.

When Two Sons Could Not Be With Their Dad for His Birthday, They Took Out a Billboard Asking for Help

As a means of giving their father the birthday wishes he deserves, his two mischievous sons used a billboard to recruit some outside help.

Working Mom of Two Kids Has Won 11 World Boxing Titles – and She’s Still Not Finished at 42 Years Old

There are not many boxers who are in their 40s – but that hasn't stopped this mother-of-two from taking down her opponents in the ring.

2nd Grader Wins $30,000 Scholarship for Her Dinosaur Doodle Inspired by Dreams of Paleontology

A second grader is one step closer to achieving her career dreams after she won a $30,000 scholarship for her cute dinosaur doodle earlier...

Instead of ‘We Are What We Eat,’ the Science of Kindness Says ‘We Are What We See’ in Daily Life

If the old adage “you are what you eat” is true, then it also stands to reason that we are what we see as well.

Watch Joy on Restaurant Workers’ Faces When Guy Tips Them Thousands of Dollars for Bringing Two Glasses of Water

This YouTube star uses his position of internet fame to give thousands of dollars to unsuspecting strangers – and his newest installment is just...

Woman Dials Wrong Number, is Stunned When Jimmy John’s Delivery Driver Says He’ll Pick Up Her Sick Brother

Lisa Nagengast was desperately trying to find someone who could take her sick brother to the hospital—and, in her haste, the wrong number she...