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Walking More Cuts Breast Cancer Risk

Post-menopausal women who walk for an hour a day can cut their chance of breast cancer significantly, a study has suggested. The report, which...
teen impresses man gets job

Teen Walking 10 Miles in Snow to Get a Job Impresses Passerby Who Offers Him Twice the Pay

An 18-year-old trekking through the ice and slush Friday in Indianapolis determined to arrive on time for a job interview 7 miles away left...
teen impresses man gets job

Teen Walking Miles in the Snow to Get a Job Lands Another at Twice the Pay

An 18-year-old trekking through the ice and slush Friday in Indianapolis determined to arrive on time for a job interview 7 miles away left...
Student given Cadillac after hit-and-run -Fox5 video

College Student Given Cadillac by Stranger After He is Struck by Car While Walking to School

A Georgia college student who walked 15 miles each way to attend classes was seriously injured while on his way to school by a...
fossil found in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Man Makes Significant Fossil Find While Walking Dog Along Beach

A Nova Scotia man out for a casual beach stroll has stumbled upon what's being described as one of the most significant fossil discoveries...
Dance walking Ben Aaron-YouTube

A Fitness Program for the Rest of Us… Dance Walking

Funny man Ben Aaron, a TV reporter and all-around nice guy at NBC's LXTV San Diego, shows us a new fitness craze he has...
Two lively seniors - Photo by Sun Star

Walking is a Useful Tool in Treating Depression

Something as simple as going for a brisk stroll could play an important role in fighting depression, according to researchers in Scotland. Vigorous exercise has...
photo by sealion of Sacramento

How One Man Skipped College to Become a Fire-Breathing, Stilt-Walking Billionaire

What is the number one piece of advice parents give young people for being successful later in life? “Go to college!” But a young man...

3 Year-old Saves Dad by Walking Two Blocks to Fire Station

Alesaundra Tafoya's parents have been teaching their daughter about safety, pointing out such safe havens as the local fire stations if she ever finds...

Abandoned Rail Line Ready for Bikes, Walking in Detroit

An abandoned depressed former rail line, , officially opened to the public this week as a 1.2-mile biking and walking path and a...

Fla. Boy, 11, Walking to D.C. for Homeless Kids

Zach Bonner has already walked farther and done more for charity than many grown-ups. Now he's about to make good on his vow to...
chicago bikeway

London to Spend US$975 Million on Walking and Cycling Programs

London is committing to bike programs in a big way. "It will spend US$975 million over the next ten years to implement five new...

Drawing Instead of Walking a Testament to Recovery

Christine Greif, was training for a triathalon 10 years ago when hit by a drunk driver. She suffered permanent brain injuries, yet, amazingly, with...

Fire-Walking With Faith

Fat Man Walking: Losing Pounds and Gaining Peace

Steve Vaught is an unlikely celebrity: "...A morbidly obese man who has captured the heart of America by walking alone across the country on a...

Man Abandons His Own Birthday Party to Rescue Panicked Dog Swimming Through Chilly NYC River

When Gabe Castellanos realized that there was a dog in trouble, he quickly grabbed a life jacket and abandoned his own party in order to rescue it.

Teen Swimmers Drifting in the Ocean Prayed for Help – And Suddenly are Rescued by Boat Named ‘Amen’

A pair of desperate young swimmers were rescued from the sea just in the nick of time thanks to an aptly-named boat. Tyler Smith and...

How a Hilarious Incident With His Roommate’s Kit-Kat Taught Him to Always Share With Others (MOTH Monday)

One of the most memorable lessons that Ashok learned in college was the importance of sharing – and it's all thanks to an amusing story about a Kit-Kat.

Hear How Man Gave Up High-Paying Job, His Car and House, to Work With Homeless Teens–And He Couldn’t Be Happier

Man quit his job, gave his car away, and let go of his snazzy apartment—all to work with homeless teen boys—and years later, he couldn't be happier.

Having Dogs is Great for Your Social Life: Almost Half of Owners Have Made Friends While On ‘Walkies’

A new survey of 2,000 Americans shows that dogs aren't just man's best friend – they're also good for helping you meet new friends too.