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Good News from Afghanistan

The U.S. plans to double their construction workload in the next year to provide new roads, electric power and water distribution systems to the...
Mountain climber Yuichiro Miura-familyphoto

Inspiration Point: Stop Thinking You’re Too Old

How often have you heard people under the age of 60 complain they can't do something or change their habits because they're too old?...

Top Soccer Stars Score for Kids at World Cup

The world's top soccer stars will not only score for their home countries at next month's World Cup but also play for UNICEF, the...

First Test of Tsunami Warning System a Success

Close to 30 countries in the Pacific Ocean participated in the first region-wide test of a tsunami early warning system this week. The drill...
the World Bank Group Global Environment Facility and Conservation International

Help for Hot Spots

A $150 million global fund has been launched to provide protection for environmental “hot spots” that contain the most dense array of plant and...
swordfish skeleton-Postdlf

Chefs Give Swordfish a Break

Chefs across the country are taking swordfish off the menu. The chefs have nothing against swordfish, always a popular restaurant entree. Rather, by voluntarily...
Photo credit: CIFOR on Flickr-CC

Corporations Mimic Rainforest Efficiency While Creating Profits

In natural systems like rainforests, one creature's waste is another's food, and virtually nothing is lost forever. Contrast this highly efficient natural system with...