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bees swarm in a tree

G is for Genus Apis

EDITOR'S BLOG The full name of the honeybee that arrived at my backdoor in a huge swarming mass is Apis mellifera ligustica. We...

Oyster Tide is Turning

In a rare show of consensus, scientists, fishermen, environmentalists and area residents are joining together to restore the Chesapeake Bay's historic shellfish bars, or...
greek indepence costume

Greece and Turkey Advance a Friendship

Greece and Turkey came to the brink of war in 1996 over a deserted islet in the Agean. Last week, Greek Prime Minister...
Benetton campaign enemies

United Colors of Benetton Offers The Hopeful Picture of Life between Palestinians and Israelis

The fashion industry is not usually associated with social or political conscience... Benetton is an exception. Benetton is known for its innovative advertising, where “issues...

Annie to the Rescue: She said, Go get the Baby!

There was a wonderful true story on TV not long ago and it makes my heart glad whenever I think of it. Shortly after...