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Cop Writes Amusing “Police Report” of Furry Carjacker Found on His Windshield

Everyone needs a break from the seriousness of life – including the police. This officer in particular took a break from fighting crime to write...

Baby Rhino’s Reaction to Being Around Snow For The First Time is the Daily Pick-me-up You Need

Most human children are delighted by the sight of snow – and this 2-month-old white rhino is no different. Zohari is a sweet little pachyderm...

Dog Leads Confused Owner To Missing Elderly Woman Knee-Deep In Dark Pond Water

A dog named after Batman is being credited with helping a woman get back home to her family when she was lost in a...

Watch Streetwise Cats Play an Adorably Earnest Game of Hungry Hippos

Judging by their intense looks of concentration, these four felines seem to be planning a sequel to the popular children's board game: “Hungry, Hungry House Cats”.

The 5-Second Rule: How to Fix Your Habits So You Can Get Stuff Done

While counting to 5 may seem like a relatively simple trick for improving your habits, it has a surprising amount of benefits on your long-term thought patterns.

Watch Heroic Homeless Man Come to Defense of Female Cop, ‘Something had to be done’

Police in Columbia, South Carolina praised a homeless hero last week who came to the aid of a female police officer being overpowered by...

The Trick to Ending Overthinking and Build the Business of Your Dreams

Title: The Trick to End Overthinking and Build the Business of Your Dreams The Lesson: There is a very simple way to stop overthinking all of your...

Here is a Piece of Sleep Advice That Every New Parent Needs to Hear

Sleep is such a vital part of your everyday health – so what do you do when your toddler will never let you get a good night's rest?

22-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Makes History Competing For Miss USA in State Pageant

This 22-year-old has just made history as the first woman with Down syndrome to ever compete in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. When Mikayla Holmgren...

Holocaust Survivor Indebted to American Troops Donates $1Mil: ‘First they saved us. Then … they welcomed us’

83-year-old Bernard Darty has always felt indebted to the US troops who took back Normandy – so now, he is finally giving back.

Houston Astros Player Proposes To Girlfriend On Live TV After Team Wins Their 1st World Series

Winning your very first World Series title is a huge moment in any baseball player’s life. But Carlos Correa made the night even more...

Man Gives Free Haircuts To Homeless on Street Corner, So Stranger Buys Him His Own Barbershop

Brennon Jones loves cutting hair, but there’s one thing he loves even more: cutting hair for the homeless. He’s been at it for a while...

Best Canine Costumes From 2017 Halloween Dog Parade

From a paraplegic pup toting a pinball machine to Oscar the Grouch in his trash can, the Halloween hounds from this year's NYC parade are sure to delight.

Watch 1,300-Pound Pumpkin Drop From a Crane and Smash Car in the Name of Charity

The “smashing pumpkin” stunt ended up raising over $9,000 for a children's charity – and it was incredibly satisfying to watch.

Star Power Steps Up on Tuesday’s Telethon for Hurricane Relief

Just like after the 9/11 terrorist attacks (in the photo above), the A-list performers in Hollywood and New York are bringing their star power...

Pizza Hut Workers Use Kayaks to Deliver Free Pies During Disaster

We have already heard about dozens of relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey – but this story sets a new bar for...

5 Amazing Ways People are Aiding Hurricane Harvey Evacuees

Hurricane Harvey might be considered quite a natural disaster – but America has definitely risen to the occasion in more ways than one.

Watch Woman Gift Drenched Reporter a 6-pack of Beer as Thank You For Hurricane Coverage

This unidentified woman is redefining the meaning of the phrase “southern hospitality”. Fox News reporter Casey Stegall was in Galveston, Texas last week reporting on...

Man With No Arms Wins Gold at National Archery Championship

This man doesn't need a hand in doing anything – not even winning gold at an archery competition. Despite 35-year-old Matt Stutzman being born without...

Watch a Dog’s Gripping Rescue of a Fawn Struggling at Sea

The perfect antidote for a hound chasing a frightened fox is this tale of a hound saving a frightened fawn. Storm the English golden retriever...