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Be Sure and Floss! Researchers Say Good Dental Health ‘Substantially’ Decreases Risk of Alzheimer’s

For the first time ever, researchers have found DNA evidence of gingivitis enzymes being directly correlated to the development of Alzheimer's.

When Mom Wanted to Build Walker for Her Son, Home Depot Workers Sent Them for Ice Cream and Got to Work

When Christian Moore told these employees what she was planning on building for her son, the workers gently ushered her out the door and got to work.

Scientists Use New ‘Holy Grail’ Gene Therapy to Heal Damage Caused By Heart Attacks and it Could Save Millions

This is the first successful demonstration of scientists using gene therapy to help a heart repair itself following a heart attack.

Another Study Shows How Flickering Lights Can Slow (And Maybe Even Reverse) Alzheimer’s Symptoms

This MIT researcher has published another study that further explains how and why flickering lights could be a non-pharmaceutical dementia treatment.

Éxito en el Tratamiento de Parkinson en Etapa Avanzada va “Más Allá de Nuestros Sueños Más Locos”

Investigadores Canadienses han desarrollado un nuevo tratamiento para la discapacidad motriz causada por la enfermedad de Parkinson y los resultados "sobrepasan sus sueños más...

Young Man Invites Solitary Senior to Eat With Him and Discovers She is a Widow On a Special Anniversary

When this young man saw a senior sitting by herself in an Alabama restaurant, he could not help but say hello – and he was glad that he did.

Years After She Smells Parkinson’s Disease on Her Husband, Woman is Now Paving the Way for Early Detection Test

This retired nurse is using her keen sense of smell to help researchers develop one of the first early detection tests for Parkinson's disease.

Though Her Alzheimer’s Worsened, Supermarket Still Found Creative Ways to Keep Her on the Team

When one of their employees was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, this supermarket went above and beyond the call of duty to make her feel valued.

Routine Eye Test Can Detect Earliest Stages of Alzheimer’s in Seconds, According to New Research

A routine eye test can detect the earliest stages of Alzheimer's disease in seconds, according to new research. The non-invasive scan looks for changes in...

Parkinson’s Researchers Now Have $24 Million To Keep Going Thanks to Funding From Michael J. Fox

Scientists now have over $24 million in funding for Parkinson's research thanks to the beloved Hollywood philanthropist.

When AC/DC Caught Wind of Ice Skater’s Charity Tribute, Guitarist Angus Young Donated Thousands

Though this hockey ref has always paid tribute to his favorite band during his iceskating marathons, his most recent event had an unexpected visitor.
artist rendering blood vessel leaking

‘Eye-opening’ Dementia Breakthrough Announced Today by USC Researchers

A study suggesting dementia may be caused by leaky blood vessels in the brain was welcomed by the Alzheimer's Society who said it could...

Senior Enrolls in University After Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: ‘It’s a good thing because I was bored being retired!’

This 81-year-old with Alzheimer's hopes that his determination will inspire other dementia patients to fight their diagnosis.

Good News in History, December 9

150 years ago today, the first traffic lights were installed outside the British Parliament building in London. J P Knight, a railway signaling engineer,...

Man Comes Up With Ingenious Way to Keep Dementia Patients Hydrated After His Grandma’s Close Call

This 24-year-old scientist has developed the perfect solution for the thousands of dementia patients who have trouble staying hydrated.

Theater Hosts Dementia-Friendly Screening of ‘Mamma Mia’ After Movie-Goers Complain of Senior’s Singing

A woman's uncomfortable experience at a Welsh movie theater resulted in a day of delight for dozens of people suffering from dementia.

When Blueberries and Grapes Are Combined, a Dramatic Decline in Memory Loss and Aging – Study

The research shows a dramatic improvement in subjects who ate blueberries and grapes together, rather than separately.

Ultrasound Waves Applied to Brain Could Be a Treatment for Dementia—Free of Side Effects

Japanese scientists have found that applying ultrasound waves to the brain can improve cognitive dysfunction – and possibly combat dementia. The research found that applying low-intensity...

HIV Vaccine Inspires Hope After ‘Promising’ Results in Human Trials

The treatment was shown to evoke an anti-HIV immune response in all of the healthy patients who received the treatment.

Watch Sweet Reaction to Son Surprising Dad With ‘Final Trip’ for Father’s Day

When Billy Lea saw his son walk through his door and present him with a special Father's Day gift, he was almost entirely speechless with love.