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Man Saves Scraps for Decades to Raise $400K for Children’s Home

Johnny Jennings has been saving every penny and scrap of paper so he can help abused and abandoned children – and since he started his endeavor in...

Zimbabwe Finally Bans the Beating of Children

The East African country of Zimbabwe has just ruled that the beating of children is constitutional and will now be punishable by law. Though corporal...

Outdoor Adventure Program Provides Promise for Treating Children With Autism

This exciting new study finds that outdoor challenge-based interventions may be effective in reducing the overall severity of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) symptoms. The research...

Children’s Hospital Gives People a Way to Send Valentines to Patients

These young patients are in need of a smile just as much as anyone else on Valentine's Day – which is why you can...

These Engineers Customize Christmas Toys For Disabled Children

Toys that can be used by severely disabled children are hard to find – that's why this program lets engineering students customize the toys themselves.

Sweet Shop Owner Showers Sick Children and Their Families With Gifts, Meals

Al DeGuido may look like a regular guy, but he's become an angel to over 10,000 children for this holiday season.

World’s First Neighborhood For Children Recovering From Abuse is Underway in Florida

The West Melbourne neighborhood will consist of seven foster homes and a community center ready to house up to 35 neglected children.

iPad Game Is Surprisingly Effective in Treating Children with Lazy Eye

Because of the large percentage of American children with lazy eye, this research team came up with an iPad app that had surprisingly successful results.

Skin Patch to Treat Peanut Allergies Will Benefit Children

By giving kids low doses of peanut protein through a skin patch, this treatment showed great clinical benefits to treating allergies.

Identifying Children by Thumbprints Could Save Their Lives in the Future

Thousands of children are born each year without documentation – but now it's been proven that a child's thumbprint can track their medical data forever.

Flickering Coastal Lights Bid Good Night to Kids at Children’s Hospital (WATCH)

Every night at 8:30PM, business signs and flashlights start to blink as a sparkling goodbye to the sickly children watching from the hospital windows.

Teen Creates ‘Sit With Us’ App For Bullied School Children

Instead of being rejected and ostracized in public, kids can now communicate through this app for friendly, like-minded teens looking to make friends.

School Bus Driver Calmly Rescues 20 Children From Flaming Vehicle

Even though the bus was engulfed in smoke and flames, Reneita Smith insisted on reentering the vehicle to search for remaining children.

Teens Develop Revolutionary App That Will Teach Blind Children Braille

Did you know only 10% of blind people under the age of 18 could read braille? Well neither did these kids, which is why they made this one-of-a-kind app.

Jewish and Arab Children Stir Up Peace With Friendly Soccer Game

These kids from opposing communities became friendly competitors during a peace-driven soccer game organized in Brazil.

Children’s Hospital Uses ‘Pokemon GO’ to Get Patients Excited and Out of Bed (WATCH)

A hospital is using the new Pokemon GO craze to get child patients out of bed and into the hallways for some fun time...

Woman Who Saved 30,000 Children Wins Prize of $1 Million

A woman who risked her life to save 30,000 children has been awarded the first Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity. Marguerite Barankitse plans to use...

Children Form ‘Human Arrow’ to Lead Helicopter to Escaping Thieves, Win Award

Nobody likes a tattletale, unless you're tattling on two escaping burglars by using your tiny bodies to form an arrow.

Store Manager Offers Job to Shoplifter Trying to Feed His Children

When the manager of a supermarket found out why a man was shoplifting, he refused to press charges — and got downright generous. Store manager...

Obama Quietly Signs Ban on Products Made by Children and Slaves

President Barack Obama signed a trade bill that went into effect in March which finally banned the importation of products and goods marketed on...