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Good News in History, February 4

225 years ago today, the first elected Assembly abolished slavery in France and throughout French territory in all the colonies. The law came forth during the...

After Listening to Mom’s Instinct to Buy a Lottery Ticket, Former White House Chef Will Feed Homeless With Winnings

Though Chef Roberto Mendoza has spent his illustrious career serving meals to US presidents and A-list celebrities, he is now using his recent lottery...

56% of Americans Give Their Cars Names – 15 of the Funniest Reveal Love-Hate Relationship

A very large portion of Americans apparently have very intimate – and sometimes peculiar – relationships with their automobiles.

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How to Go Through a Divorce and Make it Out Stronger

Ending a marriage doesn't mean that both parties have to end it with venom and alienation.

Bat Kid ‘Saved’ San Francisco Five Years Ago, and His Cancer Has Been in Remission Ever Since

It’s been five years since people from all over the world came together in San Francisco to grant a little boy's wish of being...

Watch Marvel’s Video Tribute to the ‘Unmatchable Accomplishments‘ of Stan Lee (1922-2018)

Though we may be sad over his passing, we can rejoice in the knowledge that we have lived in the same lifetime as the legendary Stan Lee.

Celebrity Chefs Are Serving Up Thousands of Meals to California Firefighters and Evacuees

Companies, celebrities, and television chefs are all coming together to assist in the wake of the California wildfires.

Americans Donated 10,000 Pizzas to Voters Waiting in Long Lines on Election Day Thanks to Pizza Nonprofit

By the end of Election Day, Pizza to the Polls had delivered free pies to hungry voters at 576 polling places in 43 states.

From the Brink of Depression, Heavyweight Champ Demonstrates the Power of Positive Thinking and Self-belief

Tyson Fury, one of the most successful heavyweight champions, has also fought a long battle with depression and tells Joe Rogan how he overcame it.

Let’s Pay Tribute to the Humble Shoe Shiner Who Used All $200,000 of His Tips to Help Uninsured Children

For almost three decades, Albert Lexie donated all of the tips that he made from shining shoes to help sick children get the care they needed.

World’s Oldest Barber, Still Masterfully Cutting Hair At 107, Shares Secrets For Longevity

Anthony Mancinelli may be a staggering 107 years old, but he is still working full-time as a barber – the same way that he has...

California Has Just Approved Law Requiring All Cosmetics to Be Cruelty-Free

In an exciting show of display for animal welfare, California will soon require all cosmetics sold in the state to be cruelty-free.

Good News in History Sept 22

Happy 60th birthday to Joan Jett, who took her mother’s maiden name and jetted to fame as the founding member and singer of The...

Internet Finds Out ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Actress Needs Help, Fans Flock to Support Her

Dawn Wells has fallen on hard times over the course of the last decade – but her fans are determined to lend a hand as a thank you for her televised joy.

Watch Stevie Wonder Perform Heartfelt Farewell Tribute at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

During a funeral that was only fit for a Queen, Stevie Wonder ensured that Aretha Franklin was given a proper farewall for her service.

Watch Touching Tribute Video for the Incredible ‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin (1942-2018)

The legendary soul musician passed away at her Detroit home today at the age of 76.

Now You Can Lull Yourself to Sleep With This Bob Ross Sleep Series!

Many people retain fond memories of their parents reading them bedtime stories—but now, we can be lulled to sleep by one of the most...

Huge Victory for Ocean Ecosystems as Fishing Companies Agree to Stop Catching This Essential Critter

In a mega-progressive step toward protecting the ocean (and climate), a massive majority of krill fishing companies have agreed to actually stop fishing aroun...

New Mr. Rogers Documentary is Out and It’s Incredibly Sweet How It’s Making Adults Feel

There are few things in this world that everyone can agree on – some folks might have different opinions about the new Marvel movies,...