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Dad Creates App to Help Daughter Communicate

Since Rob Laffan's daughter Sadie has nonverbal autism, trying to communicate what she wanted or felt to her parents was terribly frustrating. That's why Rob...

Late Daughter Unknowingly Left Priceless Gift for Grieving Mom

This mother had been in mourning ever since her 16-year-old daughter Macy Mathis was killed in a car accident. Her mind was eased, however, when...

Adorable Daughter And Dad Perform Duet Already Viewed By Millions

It's almost impossible not to smile when listening to this father-daughter duo singing our favorite Pixar movie song.

Students Transform School Bus Into Gift for Teacher’s Developmentally Challenged Daughter

All Gabrielle wanted for Christmas was her own school bus – so her mother's students rose to the occasion with gusto.

Watch a Heartwarming Moment as Step Daughter Asks to be Adopted

It doesn't matter how old she is – Marissa has been waiting to be adopted by Heather Thamann for a long time.

Dad and Daughter Missing at Sea Found One Month Later

Alan and 6-year-old Que successfully sailed 1,200 miles from New Zealand to Australia after a storm damaged their yacht rudder.

Daughter Fulfills Dad’s Last Wish With Side-Splitting Obituary

Chris Connor's last wish was to be given an obituary as hilarious and interesting as he was – so his daughter Caitlin rose to the occasion with gusto.

After Dad’s Death, Granddaughters Save Family Farm in Minnesota (WATCH)

A piece of land that was farmed for more than 50 years and passed down through generations is now being seeded by granddaughters, who...

Airline Passengers Provide Heartwarming Halloween Fun for Daughter

Little Molly was sad about not attending one of the most magical holidays of the year – but her dad wasn't about to let her miss out because of a flight.

Daughter Gets Dad’s Long Lost Message in a Bottle 50 Years Later

A message in a bottle traveling 1,500 miles for 50 years was finally returned to the daughter of the man who sent it – and the reunion was blissful.

Trucker Posts Hilarious Pics While ‘Babysitting’ His Daughter’s Doll for the Day

When his nine-year-old daughter asked dad to “babysit” her doll for the day, this Kansas trucker took Abbie on the road. "She really wants to...

Chicago Police Escort Girls Without Fathers to ‘Daddy Daughter Dance’

Girls without fathers still had a date for a “Daddy-Daughter Dance” thanks to members of the Chicago Police Department. The event at the South Shore...

Daughter Surprises Dad With His First Vacation to Reward Life of Hard Work

  Growing up in a small, rural village in Poland, Iwona Pinkowicz always dreamed of travel–but her father never dared. He was a hard working...

Mother-Daughter Duo Publish Children’s Kindness Book

A little critter sneaking around doing random acts of kindness is the star of a new kids’ story called Anonymouse.

Football Coach Ends Career To Be With Daughter, Who Suits Up for One Play

After 25 years of coaching football, you’d think Gregg Farnetti would have a lot of stand-out memories. But his proudest moment came in the...

Quadriplegic Dad Dances First Time in 17 Yrs For Daughter’s Wedding

My dad was in a tragic car accident when I was 12 and has been paralyzed from his chest down without the use of...

Dad’s Touching Anti-Bullying Song for Daughters is Now a Global Inspiration

A California father of three, has turned a negative into a positive after his six-year-old daughter was bullied at school. He used his talent...

This Cop and Daughter’s Sweet Tea Party is Melting Hearts Everywhere

Beyond serving and protecting, police officers have other duties to perform — like attending a tea party when called. This particular picture of Florida Deputy...

A Capital One Representative Makes My Daughter’s Day

I sit here in awe as I write this post. A few days ago I called Capital One to get a new debit card...

Trooper Lets Daughter Decide Dad’s Fate on Speeding Ticket

When an Indiana State Trooper pulled over a father who was speeding, he let the man’s daughter in the passenger seat decide between a ticket...