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Nicki Minaj Pays Off College Debt for Dozens of Students

Nicki Minaj isn't just a talented hip hop artist – she's also a fan of hardworking students. On Saturday night, Minaj was tweeting about a...

Used Car Advert Helps Unemployed Man Land His Dream Job #TBT

Even the most accomplished car salesman might have some trouble selling a dingy 1985 Subaru model – but for this unemployed man, the old...

Tesla Surpasses Ford in Market Value

For the first time ever, Tesla, the solar panel manufacturer and new American car company, has passed Ford in stock market value. Ford has long been...

The 10 Motivational Books Used By the World’s Top Achievers

As Buddha once said, “we are what we think”—and positive thinking is an important step in any achievement. Whether in your career or personal life, why...

This Cheap, Portable Solar Panel Will Be the iPad of Renewables

These new sustainable electric devices are being called real game-changers for a more accessible solar market.

Tesla’s New Affordable Electric Car Went on Sale, Website Swamped With Orders (WATCH)

In just two days, more than a quarter million people clamored to buy Tesla’s first affordable electric car – a response so beyond the...

58 Celebrities Give $14 Million to Teachers in Their Hometowns (LOOK)

Movie stars, tech founders, and athletes formed a fundraising flash mob Thursday, paying for 12,000 different school projects and requests in cities across the...

Tesla Unveils Insanely Efficient Battery That Can Power Your House

Electric car maker Tesla Motors has rolled out a new battery for homes and businesses that they say could end electric bills while creating...

Toyota, Tesla Will Build Electric Cars Together in California

Toyota and Tesla Motors have announced a surprise joint venture, augmented by Tesla's purchase of a sprawling auto plant, recently closed near San Francisco. The...

Years After She Smells Parkinson’s Disease on Her Husband, Woman is Now Paving the Way for Early Detection Test

This retired nurse is using her keen sense of smell to help researchers develop one of the first early detection tests for Parkinson's disease.

New State-of-the-Art Electric Vehicles in London and Paris Will Be Delivering UPS Packages

The company has even installed their own technology in London so they can simultaneously charge every vehicle in their fleet without having to upgrade the power supply grid.
Tesla S road photo

Tesla to Triple Supercharger Network to Allow LA to NY Roadtrips

Tesla plans a massive expansion of its supercharger network, making a coast-to-coast trip in a Tesla all-electric plug-in luxury car possible in the near...