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FreshDirect donates surpluss food during NYC blizzard

Blizzard-blocked Grocer Donates 72,000 Pounds of Food to NYC Hungry

Impassable roads following New York City's near record snowfall shut down many businesses. Fortunately, the owners of FreshDirect, a grocery delivery service, took action...
lights raise money for food bank

Neighbors Use 88,000 Christmas Lights to Feed the Hungry

Two neighboring families are using the power of a Christmas light display to feed a lot of hungry people in the San Francisco Bay...
Jeff Bridges with school children - Share Our Strength Photo (all rights reserved)

Jeff Bridges Leads New Hungry Kids Campaign to End U.S. Childhood Hunger

Academy Award winning actor Jeff Bridges came to Washington, D.C. yesterday to roll out a new campaign as national spokesperson for the No Kid...
Bruce Springsteen (from Wikipedia free license)

Bruce Springsteen Donates $50,000 To Help Feed The Hungry And Unemployed

The tab for dinner is on Bruce Springsteen for fifteen hundred struggling South Carolina families, thanks to new mobile food pantries, funded in part...

Redirecting Nature’s Bounty to Feed the Hungry

A New Jersey man produced such a bountiful harvest in his vegetable garden that the neighbors received their fill and his wife wouldn't allow...

Once a Rising Star, Chef Now Feeds the Hungry of India

Narayanan Krishnan was a bright, young, award-winning chef with a five-star hotel group, short-listed for an elite job in Switzerland. But a quick family...

Will Smith’s Family Auctions Art to Help Feed Hungry in Haiti

Hollywood actor Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith are raising funds to help the United Nations World Food Program tackle hunger in...

Las Vegas School is Lifeline for Hungry Kids With Nothing

Principal Sherrie Gahn said she was shocked when she first came to Whitney Elementary School seven years ago. "The kids were eating ketchup packets,"...

Citizens Arrive by the Hundreds to Help the Hungry

A Wisconsin "empty bowls" event featured local pottery artists and bowls fashioned by area schools as a fundraiser for the local food pantry. Hundreds...
food aid UN photo

G8 Pledge of $20B to Feed the Hungry also Promotes Peace and Stability

The annual G8 meeting, which wrapped up last week, has  yielded pledges of $20 billion over three years to feed the hungry and mobilize...

Ohio Businessman Brings 22 Tons of Chicken to Feed the Hungry

A successful businessman wanted to do something meaningful to help hungry people in Northern Ohio. Utilizing his industry contacts, his company purchased over 25,000...
The Heifer Project in Zambia

Give a Gift That Will Feed Hungry Kids For Years To Come

Do you want to give an imaginative gift and feed hungry children in Chicago or Shanghai at the same time? Now you can give...

In ‘Massive Boost’ to Climate Goals, Banks Responsible for $47 Trillion in Assets Are Committing to Saving the Earth

More than one-third of the world's banks are committing to the sustainability goals that were set by the Paris Agreement.

Good News in History September 23

Happy Birthday to Bruce Springsteen who was ‘Born In the USA’ 70 years old today. The New Jersey singer-songwriter’s upcoming film, Western Stars, takes him...

Man Connects With Humanity By Sharing Thousands of Hour-Long Conversations With Strangers

Every day for the last four years, this 28-year-old extrovert has been working at sharing an hour-long conversation with 10,000 different strangers.

Good News in History September 17

70 years ago today, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner first debuted in a Merrie Melodies cartoon called Fast and Furry-ous. The duo...

Despite Living in the Digital Age, Kids Are Still Playing With Their Parents’ Favorite Childhood Toys

Toy Story 4, which opened in theaters this June, became the biggest box office animated film blockbuster yet—and it’s no wonder, with beloved toys...

Stranded Family is Rescued Thanks to Dad Sending Creative SOS Message Down River

A resourceful California father is being hailed for using his water bottle to save his family after they had become stranded atop a 40-foot waterfall.

When 16-Year-old Missed Jonas Brothers Concert for Chemo, They Surprise Her at the Hospital

This 16-year-old chemo patient could barely contain her excitement when she was surprised at the hospital by none other than her favorite boy band.

Homeless Man Offered a Job After Expressing His Gratitude Toward Jogger Who Gave Him Shoes Off His Feet

This homeless man has finally been given the chance to turn his life around—and it is all thanks to a jogger who felt inspired to give him his shoes.