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Kenya Saves Trees

Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi said he would take “drastic measures” to stop the degradation of his African nation's forests, including banning timber harvesting...

Good News in History, November 4

150 years ago today, the first issue of the scientific journal Nature was published. The debut issue featured an article describing some recent work...

Astros Baseball Fans Take Out Big Ad in The Washington Post Thanking Opponents For Their Hospitality

Washington Nats fans may not have been happy losing 3 straight World Series games to Houston, but that didn't stop their hospitality from impressing visiting fans.

34-Year-Old Athlete Just Became the First Human in the World to Finish a Marathon in Under 2 Hours

This 34-year-old athlete just became the first human in the world to finish a marathon in under two hours after he beat his previous record by 11 seconds.

Elefante Huérfano Regresa donde sus Rescatistas para Presentarles a su Cría Recién Nacida

A pesar de que esta mamá elefante ahora vive en la jungla, recientemente ha visitado a sus rescatadores humanos y así poder presentarles a su nueva cría.

1,200 Schoolchildren Descend on Belgian Beach to Fight Marine Litter

On a sunny morning last week, 1,200 students between the ages of 8 and 14 headed to the beach to undertake the biggest pollution...

Orphaned Elephant Returns to Human Rescuers So She Can Introduce Them to Her Newborn Calf

Despite how this momma elephant now lives in the wild, she recently visited her human rescuers so she could introduce them to her newborn calf.

When Farmer Saw His Community Needed a New Road, He Picked Up His Tools and Built One Himself

When this 44-year-old farmer saw his neighbors struggling to maneuver through their village, he took it upon himself to build a whole new road.

Turkey Will Declare a Holiday Dedicated to Planting Trees After Young Man’s Tweet Goes Viral

A Turkish man with only 212 Twitter posts, recently started a tweet with, “I have an idea”—and it went viral, prompting the president to act on his advice.

Good News in History, May 12

30 years ago today, Kenya announced that it would finally agree to support a worldwide ban on the trade of ivory to save its remaining...

Sikhs Are Celebrating the Birth of Their Beloved Founder by Planting 1 Million Trees in 2019

As a means of celebrating the 550th birthday of Sikhism's founder, thousands of worshippers are planting trees around the world.

Good News in History, April 1

The United States House of Representatives first met in New York City and held its first quorum, electing Frederick Muhlenberg of Pennsylvania as its first...

World Bank is Giving $22 Billion in Funding to Help All of Africa Stave Off Climate Change

The entire continent of Africa is set to receive a huge financial windfall from the World Bank in order to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Living With Nature: A Four-Course Meal of Natural Audio Wonders Recorded by the BBC

Throughout our daily lives, we probably don't pay much attention to the sounds around us—the dripping of the coffee maker, the steady turnover of...

First Scientifically Confirmed Images in 100 Years: The Awe-Inspiring, Elusive Black Leopard

These breathtaking pictures prove the survival of the ultra-rare black leopard in Africa – and they are some of the first photos to do so in over 100 years.

Good News in History, December 12

Three years ago, in a landmark election, 20 women won municipal council seats in Saudi Arabia. It was the first time females were allowed...

Africa’s ‘Homegrown Philanthropy’ is Rising, Creating Self-Sufficiency for a New Generation

The Lesson: The decorated psychologist Steven Pinker outlined in his recent book, Enlightenment Now, a convincing case that the world is far better off...

First-Ever Test Tube Rhino Embryos Give Hope for Functionally Extinct Species

The groundbreaking research shows that there is still hope for the magnificent species that is balancing on the brink of extinction.

German 12-Year-old Boy Plants 1Million Trees, Takes Over UN Program to Plant a Trillion More

The world is a lot greener thanks to this 20-year-old and his army of “climate ambassadors” who have pledged to plant trees and use...

Girls Discover New Interest in STEM Thanks to Bracelets That Have Built-in Games

Makeda Ricketts was heartbroken to see her little sister being discouraged from pursuing STEM education – so she created an ingenious solution for girls around the world undergoing the same struggle.