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Watch Joy on Restaurant Workers’ Faces When Guy Tips Them Thousands of Dollars for Bringing Two Glasses of Water

This YouTube star uses his position of internet fame to give thousands of dollars to unsuspecting strangers – and his newest installment is just...

As Thank You For Being Ray of Sunshine, Hurricane Volunteer Builds Stunning Cardboard Fort for 2-Year-old

This bubble-blowing youngster has been a huge morale boost for the folks in a local hurricane shelter – so volunteers decided to say thank you.

Soldier Whose House Was Looted Gives Away Money Raised for Him: ‘I Wanted to Show Kindness’

Luis Ocampo fell prey to a burglary after he was serving on the frontlines of hurricane relief efforts – and then the donations started pouring in.

Woman Has Just $50 to Spend on Hurricane Victims But Store Manager Tells Her to Fill Up Some Carts Instead

Shelli Tench was ready to spend her last $50 on clothes for hurricane victims – but then the manager of her local Walmart stepped in to help instead.

After Serving 3 Million Meals in Puerto Rico, Chef Travels Ahead of Hurricane Florence to Feed Even More

Celebrity chef José Andrés is no stranger to natural disaster – which is exactly why he hurried into Hurricane Florence to feed the people in need.

Teens Singing On the Sidewalk Get to Perform With Cyndi Lauper After Chance Encounter

These young siblings had been playing for pedestrians on the sidewalk when a famous singer happened to be walking by at the right time.

Fewer People Are Returning to Prison, as Rate Drops by 23% in U.S. – Here’s Why

An exciting new body of research shows that while America is becoming safer, with historically low crime rates—it is also becoming more progressive in...

Did You Know Cows Have Close Friendships and Hold Grudges? (And Other Fun Facts)

Here some fun facts about bovines and a few tips on how you can appreciate heifers on this most udderly delightful holiday.

Mystery Person Spends $1 Million at Toys ‘R’ Us So They Can Donate All of the Goodies to Kids

An anonymous donor spent $1 million on the last of the goodies at a Toys ‘R’ Us store so it could all be donated to local children.

Watch 10-Year-old Boy’s Emotional Reaction to Seeing Color for the First Time in His Life

Xavier McCoury was never able to see color until his family finally surprised him with a special gift on his 10th birthday.

Family Was Filling Up Swimming Pool Using Only Pots and Pans Until These Firemen Came Along

These firefighters did not hesitate to help a young family who was struggling to enjoy themselves on a swelteringly hot day.

Watch When Doting Dad is Reduced to Tears Over Singing to His Adoring Deaf Son

A doting dad's emotional moment with his deaf son Judah is melting hearts around the world – and it's not hard to see why. 25-year-old...

Former Student Repays School Staff by Surprising Them With Their Own Vacations

In an impressive show of kindness, a former student donated $96,000 worth of vacation money to the staff of their former elementary school.

When Spectator is in Trouble, Ken Jeong Jumps Off Stage to Help, and Then Finishes His Set

If you are ever having medical difficulties during a comedy set, we hope that you happen to be at Ken Jeong's show.

When a WWII Veteran Couldn’t Walk to His Wife’s Grave, Two Men Carried Him There

96-year-old George Boone was resigned to paying his respects from the car – but these two men refused to let that happen, even if it meant carrying him every step of the way.

Man Extends Huge Kindness to Mom of Screaming Kids After Stranger Did the Same For Him

It was Jessica Rudeen's first time flying with two youngsters – and it did not take long for her to become overwhelmed. Thankfully, she was seated next to an empathetic stranger.

Because She Missed her Flight, a Distraught Pregnant Woman Found the Perfect Mom to Adopt Her Baby Boy

LISTEN to this Good News Guru story broadcast from the radio show with Ellen and Geri on KOST-103.5 (Subscribe to our new podcast on iTunes – or for...

How a Mission to Recover a Stolen Wallet Changed the Lives of a Man and Homeless Teen

Jimmy Gelleece did not just want to help his frantic customer during her time of distress – he also wanted to help the struggling homeless teen who was just trying to survive.

Man Accepts First-of-its-kind Plea Deal That Promotes Healing After Accidental Shooting

A North Carolina courtroom was filled with hugs and tears of happiness after the judge offered up a historic plea deal in a show...

Man Brings Cosmic Cat-Themed Lunchbox into Work to Show Cousin ‘There is Not One Way to Be a Man’

David was excited to bring his cool cat lunchbox into work if it meant showing his younger cousin that men don't have to be ashamed of the things they like.