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With Only 147 of World’s Fattest Parrots Left, This Year’s Baby Boom Has Left Researchers Positively Squawking

The beloved kākāpō is the world's fattest species of bird – and thanks to their latest baby boom, they're returning from the brink of extinction.

Dozens of Countries Are Working Together to Plant ‘Great Green Wall’ Across Africa – and It is Holding Back Poverty

The wall is only 15% complete and it’s already brought a renewed source of food, water, income, and resources into arid rural areas.

Instead of Depressing News, Here Are 5 Big, BIG Reasons to Applaud Humanity

Are you tired of seeing gloom and doom on your news feed? Then here are five stories to restore your faith in humanity.

New Documentary Voiced by Chris Evans Follows the World’s Most Amazing Service Dogs (Trailer)

This emotional new documentary shows that not all heroes wear capes – some of them just have four legs and a tail.

‘First-of-its-Kind’ Law Will Protect Lake Erie From Pollution By Granting it Civil Rights

Thanks to a 61% approval vote from the people of Toledo, Lake Erie now has legal protection against pollution and contamination.

These 18 Developed Countries Have Passed Policies to Cut Carbon Emissions; New Study Says It’s Working

An exciting new study shows that efforts to cut CO2 and tackle climate change in developed countries including the UK and US are beginning...

These Floating Trashcans Are Being Deployed Around the World So They Can Suck Up Tons of Ocean Trash

These floating rubbish bins are already sucking up ocean pollution in dozens of marinas and ocean ports around the world.

Scientists Create Super-Thin ‘Sheet’ That Could Charge Our Phones By Harvesting Wifi From the Air

Dead cell phone batteries may be a thing of the past thanks to this new 2D material that was recently engineered by MIT researchers.

US Coal Consumption Drops to Lowest Level Since 1979

Despite what some people might say about renewable energy in the US, this new report says that coal usage has just reached a 39-year low.

Iguanas Successfully Reintroduced to Galapagos Island After They Were Last Seen By Darwin 184 Years Ago

It has been almost 200 years since land iguanas were seen on this region of the Galapagos Islands – but thanks to an intensive...

The Best Environmental News of 2018 — Earth Seems to be in Good Hands After All

Reviewing the most popular environmental achievements of 2018 is the perfect way to invigorate and inspire you for the year ahead.

Newly-Discovered Cave Big Enough to Fit the Statue of Liberty Proves the World is Still a Wondrous Place

A “honking big” cave has been discovered tucked away in the rugged Canadian landscape – and geologists are in awe of its magnitude. The cave,...

Scientists Praise 96-Year-old for His Hobby of Saving Dwindling Bluebird Populations

Ornithologists have credited Al Larson for bolstering Idaho's bluebird population after he started building hundreds of his own wooden nests.

World Bank Doubles Funding to $200 Billion to Fight Climate Change

The impressive sum is actually double its original 5-year financial investment plan that it set in 2015.

Historic Pacific Cleanup Vessel Has Been Successful With Trials at Sea And Will Soon Hit the Patch

Following the deployment from San Francisco, the Ocean Cleanup is showing success during its final testing before taking on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Watch What Happens When Foster Teens See the Ocean for the First Time

Some people will never forget their first time seeing the ocean – and these disadvantaged youngsters are no exception.

China, World’s Biggest Polluter, Hits Carbon Goals 12 Years Early, Sparks Optimism

This new international study shows that China's shift away from coal may be a huge victory in the fight against climate change.

First-Ever Test Tube Rhino Embryos Give Hope for Functionally Extinct Species

The groundbreaking research shows that there is still hope for the magnificent species that is balancing on the brink of extinction.

Huge Victory for Ocean Ecosystems as Fishing Companies Agree to Stop Catching This Essential Critter

In a mega-progressive step toward protecting the ocean (and climate), a massive majority of krill fishing companies have agreed to actually stop fishing aroun...

Hawaii Lawmakers Have Just Passed First Ever Ban on Sale of Toxic Sunscreen

The historic ban is the first piece of legislation that takes a stance against oxybenzone and octinoxate: two ingredients that are commonly found in most sunscreens.