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Scientists May Have Just Overcome the Biggest Obstacle to Mass-Producing Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen fuel has long been thought of as the “Holy Grail” of renewable energy – and scientists may have just found the secret to its mass-production.

Scientists Accidentally Create Super Enzyme That Can Devour Plastic Pollution

Scientists believe that the enzyme could be a miraculous solution to the million tons of plastic currently polluting the planet.

Scientists Believe They Found a Way to Stop Future Hurricanes in Their Tracks

These Norwegian scientists believe they may have found a way to prevent hurricanes from forming using technology that has already been proved efficient.

Scientists Have Found an ‘Off Switch’ For Celiac’s Disease

Bread lovers, rejoice! There may soon be an efficient treatment for your celiac's disease that will allow you to indulge your love of pasta...

Scientists Create World’s First Zero-Emission Solar Fuel Reactor That Works at Night

Not only can the facility create fuel when the sun is down, but it can also use air as the medium for heat transfer.

Scientists Activate Stem Cells to Make Hair Grow

Anyone who struggles with baldness – whether it's because of alopecia, chemotherapy, age, or stress – might soon have access to a full head of hair.

Scientists Have Just Created a “Super-Antibody” That Can Kill 99% of HIV

Scientists have just made an “exciting breakthrough” in the form of a new antibody that can attack 99% of HIV strains. The study, which was...

For the First Time Ever, US Scientists Have ‘Corrected’ Genetic Code for Heart Condition

For the first time in American history, scientists have successfully used a gene-editing tool to correct a disease-causing mutation in human DNA with the...

Scientists May Soon Be Able to Give Transplant Patients 3D Artificial Hearts

Scientists have harnessed the use of 3D printing in order to create a silicone heart that works just like a human’s. Different from the current...

In a ‘World First’, Scientists Reverse Brain Damage in Drowned Toddler

Eden Carlson's parents were told that their beloved 2-year-old daughter would most likely be a vegetable for the rest of her life – but,...

These Scientists Have Managed to Stop the Progress of Alzheimer’s in Animals

This treatment is making headlines in South America for its groundbreaking ability to halt the development of Alzheimer’s in animals. Brazilian researchers discovered the importance...

Scientists Cure Type 1 Diabetes for a Year Without Side Effects

A potential cure for Type 1 diabetes looms on the horizon – and the novel approach would also allow Type 2 diabetics to stop...

Plastic-eating Caterpillar Could Munch Waste, Scientists Say

Generally speaking, plastic is incredibly resistant to decay, and that's certainly true of the one trillion polyethylene plastic bags that people use and discard...

Scientists Unlock the Key to Turning Algae into Oil

Undersea algae could become the fuel of the future— and producing the valuable oil would not require any arable land or human drinking water. The...

Russian Scientists Have Successfully Slowed Down the Aging Process

A group of Russian and Swedish scientists have just published a breakthrough paper, explaining how they successfully slowed down the aging process in a...

Scientists Create First Ever Flu Vaccine to Keep Your Dog Healthy

It's that dreaded time of year - flu season. And we humans aren't the only ones feeling the pain. Dogs can get the flu,...

Scientists Can Use Wires 3 Atoms Wide to Create Fabric That Generates Electricity

These tiny wires made by diamonds can be used for a whole host of possibilities – including making fabric that can generate electricity.

Scientists Build Battery on Single Sheet of Paper Powered by Bacteria

This paper-thin battery has the potential to save thousands of lives in remote, dangerous, or resource-limited areas.

Scientists Are Turning Nuclear Waste into Super-Efficient Batteries

These recycled diamond super-batteries have a half life of 5,730 years – which is about the length of time that human civilization has existed.

Scientists Speed Up Muscle Repair, Which Could Fight Muscular Dystrophy

Athletes, the elderly, and those with degenerative muscle disease would all benefit from accelerated muscle repair. Normally, when skeletal muscles, those connected to the...