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turtle babies crawl-Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire

A Human Corral Leads Baby Turtles to the Ocean

400 volunteers on the Caribbean island of Bonair ensure that each year the endangered loggerhead sea turtles hatching on the beaches make it safely...
Coral Sea conservation-group-photo-FB

Aussies Petition Their Government, Secure Historic Marine Protection for Coral Sea

Pushed by a chorus of 486,900 citizens, the Australian government announced Thursday their intention to create the world’s largest marine reserve, a highly protected...
Kemp's ridley turtle, by NOAA - LH ted

Bumper Crop of Kemps Turtles is Encouraging, Relocation Efforts in Gulf a Success

Kemp's Ridley sea turtles are considered the most endangered sea turtle in the world, and are exceedingly rare visitors on North Carolina beaches. Yet...

Turtle Thought to be Extinct Spotted in Myanmar

One of the world’s rarest turtle species – the Arakan forest turtle – has been observed for the first time in the...

Woman Crazy for Turtles Ends Slaughter of Giant Leatherbacks

What was once a turtle graveyard is now one of the largest leatherback nesting colonies in the world, thanks to  a woman who grew...
hawksbill sea turtle

Surge in Hawaiian Hawksbill Turtles Encouraging

A surge in new nesting Hawaiian hawksbill sea turtles over the past several years may be evidence that a 20-year-old effort to protect beach...

Loggerhead Turtle Nests Up 22% as Wildfire Burns Nearby

Nesting activity for the threatened Loggerhead Sea Turtle on Blackbeard Island in Georgia has increased 22 percent over its 30-year average. Let's hope they...

107 Teens Awarded for Launching Their Own Projects to Save Oceans From Plastic Pollution

More than 250 teenagers participated in the program by launching their own unique initiative to combat plastic waste in the oceans. Here are the winners.

Ocean Cleanup Makes History by Successfully Collecting First Plastic From Great Pacific Garbage Patch

For the first time in history, activists have cleaned up some of the trash from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—and they will quickly collect much more.

Kindergartners Succeed in Getting Cities to Adopt Their Official Symbol for Kindness—Next, the US Congress

There are already universal symbols for peace and love—but these youngsters are pushing for the recognition of an official symbol of kindness.

Celebrate ‘World Firefly Day’ by Keeping Nights Dark: You Can Help Stop the Species Decline – Here’s How

Firefly numbers appear to be dwindling but you can help by eliminating stray lighting in your yard at night. Here are some tips...

After Five-Year Campaign, Woman Successfully Rallies a Nation to Protect 763,000 Square Miles of Ocean

Over 763,000 square miles of ocean are now protected from pollution, seabed mining, and overfishing thanks to one 48-year-old marine conservationist. Jacqueline Evans is the...

Watch the Heartwarming Results of Teen Skaters Befriending 5-Year-old Boy With Autism on His Birthday

In this heartwarming series of videos, a group of teens can be seen befriending a 5-year-old birthday boy with autism at a local skate park.

These Floating Trashcans Are Being Deployed Around the World So They Can Suck Up Tons of Ocean Trash

These floating rubbish bins are already sucking up ocean pollution in dozens of marinas and ocean ports around the world.

World’s Second Largest Coral Reef Has Just Been Removed From Endangered List

The historic conservational victory is credited towards the government's defiant stance against oil drilling and unsustainable practices.

Wildlife Group Buys Exclusive License for Shark Fishing on Great Barrier Reef to Halt the Practice

A wildlife group has purchased an exclusive commercial license to fish for sharks along Australia's Great Barrier Reef — just so they can shut down...

The Animal Welfare Movement Saw Major Victories in 2015 in the U.S.

Few activist groups benefited from such sweeping legislative gains in the United States as the animal welfare movement did during 2015. The extraordinary victories came...

Amazing Video From the Great Wildebeest Migration of 2015

Every year between June and October, millions of wildebeest migrate from the Serengeti in Tanzania to Kenya in search of food. The annual migration...

New Zealand to Create Massive Ocean Sanctuary the Size of France

New Zealand is telling fishing and mining industries to keep their “hands off” a huge part of the South Pacific—one that’s about the size...

Navy Silences “Whale-Harming” Sonar to Protect Marine Mammals

Whales and dolphins are getting some long sought peace and quiet from the U.S. Navy. The service has agreed to stop using certain types of sonar—or sound waves—believed to...