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She Shares Her Wisdom With the World, Now Dozens of Strangers Surprise Her on 101st Birthday

After spending the last few months offering guidance to youngsters, strangers from around the world decided to thank Grandma Eileen for her wisdom.

Girl’s Christmas Wish Comes True When 400K Strangers Follow Dad’s Hotel Carpet Instagram

“All I want for Christmas is for my Dad’s hotel carpet Instagram to go viral, please help this happen.”

Oh, The Strangers You’ll Meet Walking Across America for Charity

My friend Abby and I spent the last 6 1/2 months walking across the United States to raise money for a homeless shelter where...

Matthew McConaughey Surprises Strangers Handing Out 4,500 Thanksgiving Turkeys on His 48th Birthday

Some people want to celebrate their birthdays with a big party that’s all about them. But for Matthew McConaughey, that was the last thing on...

Woman Dances Night Away With Airport Strangers After Missing A Flight And Getting Stranded

While some people might sulk and complain about having to spend the night in an airport, Mahshid Mazooji was determined to turn it into...

Strangers Step Up For Man With Down Syndrome Who Lost Beloved Film Collection in Fire

When a wildfire quickly started to spread towards their community, the Orsillos only had 20 minutes to evacuate their home of 26 years. While they...

Panicked Brides Say ‘I Do’ to Strangers Offering Up Their Own Dresses After Shop Abruptly Closes

Following Angelo Alfred's bankruptcy, these social media users are offering up their own wedding dresses to jilted brides-to-be.

Strangers Buy Car For Youth Who Walks 3 Miles to Work Every Day

This 20-year-old had such an impressive work ethic, the community decided to reward him for his diligence with a big surprise. It all started when...

Strangers Join Police Officers to Buy 95-Year-old New Air Conditioner

As summer temperatures soar in the south, these police officers weren't about to let a WWII veteran soak in his own sweat all day. The...

When Art Studio For Mentally Ill Loses Funding, Money Flows in From Strangers

This art studio has worked wonders on the health of those suffering from mental illness – so when they lost federal funding in 2015, things...

Man Buys Ice Cream For So Many Strangers, Bill Stretches 7 Feet

A man known only as Mr. Gary spent over three hours and $1,300 buying ice cream for strangers as a thank you to the kind employees.

Strangers Give $100K to Boy With Rare Skin Disease

Because of the rare skin disease that constantly plagues his body, John Hudson Dilgen can't really live the normal life of a 14-year-old boy. Thanks...

Strangers Save Elderly Resident From Having to Leave Nursing Home

Carrie Lou Rausch has lived in the same nursing home for the last three years. The money she received from selling her childhood home has been...

Grieving Mother Given Christmas Present of a Lifetime Thanks to Internet Strangers

This mother posted a clip of her late son singing with the hope of finding a company that could clean up the audio – but then she was given much more.

Street Cleaner Mocked For Looking at Jewelry is Showered With Gifts From Strangers

A stranger posted Nazer al-Islam Abdul Karim's photo to Twitter with a mean joke – so social media made it up to him with an outpouring of gifts.

Hundreds of Strangers Escort Dying Dog For Final Walk on Favorite Beach

Walnut the 18-year-old whippet had one more walk left in him for Porth Beach – and these strangers weren't going to let him do it alone.

Internet Strangers Use Piano Fragments to Piece Together Song for Dad With Dementia

This Reddit user's father could only play one song on the piano, but due to dementia, he'd forgotten the tune – until the internet community stepped in.

Strangers Help Return Military Doll to Son of Soldier

It can be hard to deal with parents in the army being deployed overseas – that's why these strangers knew it was important to return this special lost doll.

Man Witnesses Kindness of Strangers After Old Man Falls Off of His Bike

What happened last night reaffirmed my beliefs that racial harmony is still strong in Singapore! At about 7:30pm last night, I was about to chase a...

“The Most Amazing Thing” is Happening to Officers, As Strangers Stop to Pray

Three separate incidents of strangers praying with police officers in Mississippi, Kentucky, and Georgia are reminding people that Americans—black and white—are coming together in...