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Most Complete Study to Date Says Marijuana Can Treat Addiction, Mental Health

Though research has supported the medicinal use of marijuana in the past, this University of British Colombia study confirmed what we've always known.

Mislabeled Seafood May be More Sustainable, Study Says

It's estimated that up to 30% of seafood is actually something other than what is listed on the menu or label – but that might be better for the earth.

Antibody Protects Developing Fetus from Zika Virus, Study Shows

The most devastating consequence of Zika virus infection is the development of microcephaly, or an abnormally small head, in babies who were infected in...

Carefully Worded Appeals Make People 300% More Generous, Says Study

Researchers found that tweaking the wording of fundraising appeals improved contribution rates by incredible margins – nonprofits, take note.

Social Media Photos Are Actually Helping Researchers Study the Landscape

Thanks to the tags, comments, and location services attached to social media photos, scientists are actually able survey natural landscapes.

Breakthrough Study: Knowingly Taking Placebo Pills Eases Pain

According to this groundbreaking research, patients who knowingly took placebo pills for back pain showed more positive results than those who didn't.

Study Shows Low-emission Cars Less Expensive than Polluters

As electric and hybrid cars steadily become more popular, MIT thought they would double check the numbers and see just how economic low-emission cars are.

Dogs Can Actually Understand What Humans Are Saying, Study Says

Puppy lovers rejoice! In a recently released study, researchers came up with concrete evidence that dogs not only understand feeling, but vocabulary too.

Study Says We May Already Have The Cure For Zika

The media has been abuzz about Zika spreading outside of South America, but this team of researchers found FDA-approved drugs that could combat the virus.

Guy Turns His Life Around, Studying Every Inch of London Streets (WATCH)

This ex-con's chosen method of therapy is driving on his scooter, enjoying the wind in his hair – and memorizing over 3,000 different roads in London.

Pasta, Please! In Moderation it Can Help Keep Weight Down Says Large Study

If you’re cutting carbs to lose weight, you may want to weigh new research on pasta. Scientists have found that pasta in moderation may...

People Are Hard-Wired To Be Kind And Generous, Says Study

It's an age-old quandary: Are we born naturally wired to help others or born selfish brutes who need civilization to rein in our basest...

‘Lost’ Memories in Alzheimer Sufferers May Be Recoverable, Says Study

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, patients are often unable to remember recent experiences. However, a new study from MIT suggests that those...

Libraries Install Exercise Bikes So College Students Can Study and Work Out

Alabama's Troy University is stepping up their exercise game, big time. Work out bikes with laptop stands have been installed at the Troy and Dothan...

Drink 1 to 3 Extra Cups Of Water Daily For Weight Loss, Health – Study

For people who want to control their weight or reduce their intakes of sugar, sodium and saturated fat, water may be just what the...

Scientists Make Anti-Aging Breakthrough During Skin Cell Study

For the first time, scientists have identified the activity of a metabolic enzyme found in the batteries of human skin cells as being key...

New Study Shows Meditation Changes Both Brain and Body

It isn’t just in your head. A scientific study shows mindfulness meditation really does reduce stress and “rewire” the brain to be less reactive. There...

Better Eating Habits and Food Have Saved a Million Lives (Study)

Here’s some food for thought: scientists have discovered that better eating habits and better foods have saved more than a million American lives. The researchers...

Study Confirms Brain and Memory Benefits from Eating Dark Chocolate

Eating dark chocolate rich in cacao has been linked with numerous benefits, including stress reduction and improved heart health, but a new study has...

New Study Shows That ‘Lovebirds’ Actually May Fall In Love

Looks like they really did earn their nickname. After spending 1,700 hours analyzing different pairs of birds, researchers found that the ones who got to...