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Scientists Develop New Test That Can Diagnose Lyme Disease in Just 15 Minutes

Rather than waiting weeks for lab technicians to diagnose Lyme disease, this exciting new technique will detect the illness in minutes.

UK University Installs Free ‘Vending Machines’ to Dispense Tiny Short Stories Printed on Eco-Friendly Paper

Rather than passing time by scrolling through their phones, university students can now read minute-long short stories in their free time.

Ultrasound Imaging Finally Gets an Upgrade As Scientists Improve the Quality by 10x

Scientists have unveiled a new technique using a super-resolution ultrasound method that improves resolution by 5 to 10 times compared to standard ultrasound images. The...

These New Bionic Legs Allow Amputees to Feel and Use Prosthetic as If It Were Their Real Leg

Since three different amputees have been fitted with the bionic legs, the developers are confident that the prosthetics will soon be commercially available.

Tourist Photo of Cloudy Belgian Sky Holds Stunning Similarity to Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’

A Canadian tourist is being hailed for capturing the magical moment that the cloudy skies of Bruges held a surprising similarity to “The Starry Night”.

New Blood Test Can Detect Dozens of Different Cancers With 99.4% Accuracy

The exciting new research says that millions of people with undiagnosed cancer could get treatment for the disease before it even starts to show symptoms.

Largest Purchase of Electric Vehicles in History: Amazon Orders 100,000 EV Delivery Vans

Amazon has just placed an order for 100,000 electric delivery vans—a purchase that is now going down in history as the largest for electric...

We Can Now Help Keep Plastics Out of the Ocean Simply By Ditching the ‘Delicate’ Washing Machine Cycle

Scientists have uncovered yet another way that we can do our part to help keep oceans clean—all we have to do is ditch the “delicate” wash cycle.

UN Honors Chinese Company for Planting 122Mil Trees to Reward Customers for Their Eco-Friendly Habits

Since the Ant Forest program launched in 2016, it has helped to plant more than 122 million trees in the most arid parts of China.

Thanks to Student’s Hunch, Seniors With Dementia Are ‘Coming Alive’ Again With the ‘Magic’ of Virtual Reality

The technology was shown to greatly decrease symptoms of depression and isolation in seniors suffering from dementia in more than 100 nursing communities.

MIT Scientists Accidentally Discover ‘Blackest Black’ Material Ever, Inspired by Artist Who Uses it to Amaze Audiences

The researchers had been trying to develop carbon nanotubes with pantry ingredients—and when they used salt, they were startled by its resulting color—or lack of color.

Man Connects With Humanity By Sharing Thousands of Hour-Long Conversations With Strangers

Every day for the last four years, this 28-year-old extrovert has been working at sharing an hour-long conversation with 10,000 different strangers.

Reversing Hair Loss Could Soon Be as Easy as Wearing a Hat After Scientists Develop Simple New Tech

This noninvasive, low-cost, hair-growth-stimulating technology is powered simply by the wearer's movements—and it's small enough to wear under a hat.

Un Hombre Ciego Desarrolla un Bastón Inteligente que Usa Google Maps y Sensores para Identificar los Alrededores

El bastón para caminar finalmente se le ha dado una renovación gracias a algunos ingenieros turcos que desarrollaron un bastón inteligente para los ciegos.

Someone Left a Note Written From the Perspective of a Retiring Utility Pole—and It’s Weirdly Heartwarming

This utility pole is set to be retired by the end of the month—so an person took it upon themselves to write the pole's goodbye letter to the community.

This Cheap Little Device Generates Light and Electricity Simply By Harnessing the Cold Night Sky

Since solar panels can't generate any electricity at night, researchers designed this contraption to power LED lights simply by relying on cold evening air.

Engineers Have Just Finished Drilling the First Geothermal Well in the UK to Use Renewable Energy

Measuring in at 3.1 miles deep, this geothermal energy well is now the deepest and hottest well in the world.

EPA to Begin Phasing Out Animal Testing and Funding Studies for More Humane Research Methods

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler says that they will start the phase-out by reducing its requests for, and funding of, mammal studies by 30% before 2025.

LEGO Converts Their Instruction Manuals into Audio and Braille, Inspired by Blind Man’s Website

What started as a kind gesture between two friends is now being rolled out as a global pilot program that will allow thousands of...

Blind Man Develops Smart Cane That Uses Google Maps and Sensors to Identify One’s Surroundings

The walking stick has finally been given a modern makeover thanks to some Turkish engineers who developed a smart cane for the blind.