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Do You Live in One of the 50 U.S. Counties That Have Ended Veteran Homelessness?

While homelessness is still a pressing problem in the United States, there is light on the horizon: 50 American counties and states have successfully...

25 Deserving Families Will Have New Homes, Thanks to This Veteran

A late Army sergeant and Purple Heart recipient has left behind an awe-inspiring legacy of philanthropy. When Sergeant First Class Stephen Florentz passed away in...

Why This Air Force Veteran Visited Disneyland 2,000 Days in a Row

This Air Force veteran may be 44 years old, but he still experiences childlike joy every single day he visits his favorite place on...

Smile! Thousands of Veterans Given Dental Care Free of Charge

The dental care that some middle class Americans take for granted was certainly not lost on the grateful veterans who received free treatment last...

Veterans Find Peace Protecting African Wildlife from Poachers

U.S. Military personnel returning home from combat have a hard enough time adjusting to civilian life, let alone attempting to find suitable employment. Veterans are...

County in Texas is Helping Veterans Pay Their Utility Bills

Hidalgo County, Texas is stepping up to support their lower-income veterans in a big way.

Cop Befriends Loner Veteran With Dementia, Raises Money, Applies as Guardian

Sergeant Jon Sterling says he bonded with a Korean War veteran named Norm because they're both a little “eccentric.” The two became fast friends after...

Teens Volunteer to Serve at Funeral of Veteran With No Family

These six high school students didn't hesitate to volunteer their Tuesday morning and honor a late Vietnam veteran they had never met.

Tough Veteran Sheds Tears When Surprised With Puppy for PTSD (WATCH)

Peter didn't know what to expect while opening his Christmas present – but when he saw two little eyes peering back at him, he couldn't help but cry.

Veteran and His Service Dog Struggling to Find Work Are Finally Hired

Up until Lowe's signed the employment papers, Charlotte and Clay had had a hard time finding a job that would accept the inseparable duo.

2,000 Veterans Just Arrived at Standing Rock to Form Human Shield Around Protestors

Native American protestors will be given a much-needed respite from the police force thanks to 2,000 veterans joining their ranks.

Homebound Veterans Get Virtual Reality Visits to WWII Memorials in DC

If a veteran is unfit for travel due to age or disability, this nonprofit comes to their bedside and allows them to visit the WWII memorial one last time.

Watch Veteran’s Reaction When NBA Surprises Him With Service Dog He’s Been Waiting For

Sgt. 1st Class Luciano Yulfo gave his all to the military during his 36 years of service – so the NBA wanted to thank him with a sweet new service dog.

Veterans Treated by Community Health Centers Increases by 43%

Over 1,500 Veteran Association approved community health center locations help improve access to care for veterans across the country.

Veteran Homelessness Has Dropped 50% Since 2010

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) today...

Abused Parrots and Traumatized Veterans Heal Together at Special Sanctuary

These veterans struggling with PTSD aren't the only ones hurting – that's why these birds and humans are taking care of each other. //

How to Give $2 Million in Free Dental Care to Veterans Without Insurance (WATCH)

A nationwide network of dental offices is putting smiles on the faces of thousands of veterans who don’t have dental insurance. Allen Williams is one...

Sharpshooter Veteran Frees Trapped Bald Eagle (Video)

An Army veteran used his battlefield skills to save the life of America’s national bird—a bald eagle—and, just in time for the most patriotic...

200 Turn Out For Funeral of Veteran With No Known Relatives (Video)

When a World War II veteran with no relatives died recently, only four individuals were expected to show up for her funeral but, instead,...

After Flag-Pole Fell Down Disabled Veteran Holds Flag for 9 Hours On Memorial Day

A disabled veteran stood at attention, holding the American flag, for nine-hours because a nursing home had no way to show the colors on...