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Boeing’s Flying Air Taxi Has Just Completed Its First Test Flight – And It’s Electric!

The company's “air taxi” could be commercially available to the public as soon as 2023.

15-Year-old Autistic Boy Gets Lifetime Supply of Favorite Peanut Butter, Shares With Furloughed Workers

This 15-year-old boy with autism worked hard to get a lifetime supply of peanut butter – and now he is sharing his fortune with those in need.

When I Was Alone at the Hospital at 4AM, a Lyft Driver Restored My Faith in Humanity

I had not slept in days, and when I was released from the hospital at 4AM, I was anticipating an awkward drive home – but I was pleasantly surprised.

Hula Dancing is Proving to Be an Unlikely Source of Reform for Male Prisoners

Though hula dancing is usually associated with grass skirts and dashboard figurines, these male inmates have found spiritual relief in the Hawai'ian art.

Good News in History, January 13

51 years ago today, Johnny Cash recorded his landmark album At Folsom Prison, playing before 2,000 inmates in California. For 13 years, since recording his...

2nd Grader Wins $30,000 Scholarship for Her Dinosaur Doodle Inspired by Dreams of Paleontology

A second grader is one step closer to achieving her career dreams after she won a $30,000 scholarship for her cute dinosaur doodle earlier...

Good News in History, January 9

250 years ago today, on a stage in London, Philip Astley produced the first ever modern-day circus to feature his genius for trick riding. An equestrian master, Astley rode in a circle that day rather than a straight line as his rivals did—and he later added music, acrobats, prancing dogs, and clowns. He manifested his dream of opening a riding school by day and, afterward conducting shows of acrobatic riding skill, which turned into the circus he called Astley's Amphitheatre. He performed his stunts in a ring 42 ft in diameter, which is the size used by circuses ever since. Two years later, he hired acrobats, tightrope walkers, jugglers and a clown to fill in the pauses between acts. (1768)

US Woman Who ‘Hated Muslims’ Now Wants to Share the Love and Understanding She Found in an Afghan Refugee

This Christian woman from the US never thought that she would be in a relationship with a Muslim after September 11th – but things are different now.

For the First Time in 21 Years, Copyrighted Works Enter the Public Domain: ‘The drought is over’

Due to a piece of legislation that was passed in 1998, there have not been copyrighted works added to the public domain in 21 years – until now.

Obese Dog Who Weighed Three Times More Than Healthy Pup Has Made a Radical Transformation

This obese beagle was in dire straits when she was first adopted, but thanks to months of hard work, she has been given a second leash on life.

Veterano Que Se Le Dio 4 Meses De Vida Transforma Arroyo Contaminado – y Vive 27 Años Más Debido a Éso

A pesar de que John Beal logró llegar a casa con su familia después de la guerra de Vietnam, él aún estaba en una...

From a Juvenile Locked in Solitary Confinement to An Opera Star on Broadway

This opera singer went from being locked in solitary confinement as a child to enchanting audiences on a Broadway stage.

Good News in History, December 28

Happy 40th Birthday to John Legend, the singer–pianist–composer who recently became the 15th person (and first black man) ever to achieve EGOT status (winning...

United Airlines, Upping its Game, Gives Flight Attendants Ways to Be ‘Travel Angels’ in the Air

So many millions of people travel for the holidays that there are bound to be mishaps—and some of you may be expecting the worst...

Good News in History, December 19

175 years ago today, Charles Dickens' book A Christmas Carol was first published. The wildly successful novella depicts the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an elderly miser who is...

From No Cure To No Trace, Texas Girl’s Inoperable Brain Tumor Disappears

A girl’s inoperable brain tumor has vanished—and her doctors have no explanation. In June, Roxli Doss was diagnosed with a rare cancerous tumor known as...

Good News in History, December 15

25 years ago today, with hopes of ending a quarter century of bombing, Britain and Ireland signed the Joint Declaration of Peace, inviting the Irish...

Good News in History, December 11

35 years ago today, Catholic John Paul II made a “historic religious breakthrough” when he became the first pope to speak at a Lutheran...

Town Surprises Man by Replacing Truck He’s Used to Transport Veterans for 20 Years

For the last 40 years, Ron Elliott has been using a special pick-up truck to transport the bodies of dead Vietnam veterans to their...

Dozens of People Volunteer to Entertain Lonely Shelter Pets for the Holidays–Maybe You Can Do It Next Year

When a shelter asked local Virginians to give their shelter animals a temporary home for the holidays, 92 different hosts stepped up to the plate.