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When Mom Became Too Overwhelmed by Fussy Toddler at Dinner, Waitress Comes to the Rescue

Most parents are familiar with the feeling of being in public with an angsty toddler – but luckily for this mom, there was a sweet server on hand to help.

Woman Has Just $50 to Spend on Hurricane Victims But Store Manager Tells Her to Fill Up Some Carts Instead

Shelli Tench was ready to spend her last $50 on clothes for hurricane victims – but then the manager of her local Walmart stepped in to help instead.

Watch Ailing Senior’s Emotional Reaction to Daughter and Granddaughter Singing in His Bed

This video is a prime example of how music is one of the most beautiful ways to bring a family together.

Disney Offers to Pay Tuition for 80,000 Hourly Workers

The corporation is making thousands of dreams come true by offering free tuition to all of their hourly part-time and full-time employees.

Husky Saves Deaf Hiker After She Tumbled 700 Feet – and It’s Not the First Time He’s Saved a Stranger in Alaska

A dog is being hailed for saving the life of a deaf student who was struggling through the Alaskan wilderness – and after news...

Kind Cop Replaces Stolen Groceries for Man Who Fainted From Diabetes in the Parking Lot

When a “groggy-looking” customer walked up to Koryciak in a Walmart, she did not hesitate to help the man, even if it required opening up her own wallet.

Starting With Silver-Infused Underwear, You Can Save the Earth By Never Doing Laundry

This renewable fashion initiative is giving college students an excuse to go several weeks without doing their laundry.

Instead of Keeping $100 Bill, Little Boy Searches for Rightful Owner: a Senior Living on Fixed Income

The 8-year-old boy did not even consider keeping the money for himself – he only wanted to return it to its rightful owner.

She Shares Her Wisdom With the World, Now Dozens of Strangers Surprise Her on 101st Birthday

After spending the last few months offering guidance to youngsters, strangers from around the world decided to thank Grandma Eileen for her wisdom.

Father Follows Intuition, Hires Helicopter and Finds Injured Son in Crash

It's good that the Australian father listened to his instincts, too – his son may not have made it much longer if he hadn't been rescued in time.

Ban on Plastic Microbeads Finally Launched in the UK

As a follow up to their legislation that was passed in 2016, the UK government has launched a ban on harmful plastic microbeads.

86-year-old With Dementia Snuggles Up to Mall Santa – and Makes Everybody Cry

An Albuquerque Santa is still wiping his eyes after a photo shoot with an elderly lady whose dementia brought her back to the childhood...

Police Discover That ‘Missing’ Son Actually Has Secret Christmas Plans For Mom

When Sophia Reed's 13-year-old son Diauris went missing last week, she was terrified that something bad had happened to him. After he had been...

Single Mom Works Overtime Just So She Can Restore $500 to Homeless Man Who Was Robbed

When Kari saw footage of Charles Reynolds chasing down the thief who stole his $500 paycheck, she knew she needed to help him out.

With Kids in Meltdown Mode, Mom’s Day is Saved When Officer Appears

When a mother was struggling to handle her two children at a Walmart earlier this month, a compassionate police officer did not waste time...

UPDATE: After Cop Buys His Stolen Job Interview Outfit, Youth Lands Position

This youngster was just trying to turn his life around and help provide for his family – and now, thanks to a compassionate cop, he can.

Cop Buys Shirt and Tie For Shoplifter Preparing For Job Interview

It is not often that shoplifters get a second chance – but this 18-year-old found a reprieve in a compassionate Canadian constable. The youth had...

Cop Apprehends Suspect – All While Dressed as Batman

Alleged theft is no laughing matter – but it is made slightly more lighthearted when the arresting officer happens to be dressed as Batman. Damon...

Woman Stunned to Get Lost Wallet Back With $1,600 Inside

This woman was heartbroken to discover that she had left her wallet in a Walmart shopping cart last week – but she soon became...

U.K. Carbon Emissions Fall to Levels From 1894

This groundbreaking new report shows that the levels of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere last year have fallen to the same amount as 1894...