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His Love for Her is Deep–So He Proposed to Her Underwater at the Great Barrier Reef

What could be a dreamier place to get engaged than surrounded by exotic fish at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia?

15-Year-old Creates Simple, Revolutionary Device That Can Generate Electricity From Rainwater

The ninth grader hopes that the gadget will bring free energy to millions of homes that don't have access to an electrical grid.

7 Ways to Keep Your Yard Healthy in the Summer Without Wasting Water

A Quick Guide to Summer Yard Care: Keeping It Green Without Wasting Water Written by Katie Kuchta Reprinted with permission from The Environmental Magazine Summer has finally...

Self-Driving, 3D-Printed Boats Could Free Up Traffic Congestion by Sailing on City Waterways

If you're distrustful of self-driving cars carrying people, what about these autonomous boats that can free up traffic congestion by ferrying goods?

Record-breaking Water Purifier Made of Paper Could Bring Clean Water to Desperate Areas

The researchers developed the device by revolutionizing an ancient technique that was first described by Aristotle more than 2,000 years ago.

Watch Diver Perform Expressive 6-Minute Dance Underwater in World’s Deepest Pool

Julie Gautier performed this entire 6-minute dance in a single breath at the bottom of Y40, the world's deepest swimming pool.

High School Student’s Ingenious Solution Could Save Bees From Drinking Poisonous Water

A high school student is being hailed for discovering an incredibly simple way to help save bees – and he is already contacting local...

You May Soon Be Able to Measure Water Pollution Levels Simply By Taking a Picture

Not only that, but researchers want to make the technology freely available to the public so that citizen scientists around the world can 3D-print their own.

Device That Draws Water From the Driest Desert Air Could Bring Hydration to Needy Regions

If successfully scaled up in capacity, the technology could help drought-stricken areas like southern California.

Robot Becomes Part of the Community After Easing Daily Burden of Water Collection in Remote Village

“Husky” the robot was sent to help villagers in rural southern India – and his handiness made him a welcomed part of the community.

Watch Orphan Elephant Conquer His Fear of Water With Help From His Loving Human

Moyo the baby elephant was only a few days old when his loving human mother found him orphaned and alone on the shores of...

Daily Dose of Cute: Dachshund Shows Off Skills by Maneuvering Maze of Plastic Water Bottles

A post shared by たかおう (@takaou5868) on Feb 23, 2018 at 11:52pm PST // If you're mourning the end of the Winter Olympic...

Watch Cop Who “Can’t Swim” Dive Into Freezing Waters to Save Drowning Man

His heroic actions have since earned the student officer the nickname “The Hoff”.

Want Instant Pain Relief? New Report Says You Could Go For a Swim in Cold Water

Researchers aren't quite sure why, but this new case report suggests that going for cold swims might be a source of instant pain relief.

Dog Leads Confused Owner To Missing Elderly Woman Knee-Deep In Dark Pond Water

A dog named after Batman is being credited with helping a woman get back home to her family when she was lost in a...

World’s Only Underwater Mailbox Was Built to Help Bring Tourists into Town – and it Worked

If you're into whacky roadside attractions, Susami may be your next travel destination – although, the attraction isn't necessarily on the side of the road, per se.

Watch Dozens of Pedestrians Pull Elk Herd From Frozen Waters

25 Wyoming residents all worked together to rescue a herd of elk that had fallen through the ice of a local reservoir.

Clean Water Lands in Puerto Rico Thanks to Solar-Powered Filtration

The solar-powered, military-grade water filters can clean thousands of gallons of water – and they are now being used to help Puerto Rican families.

11-Year-Old Becomes ‘America’s Top Young Scientist’ for Her Sensor Detecting Lead in Water

Gitanjali Rao may be young, but she was just named “America's Top Young Scientist” for her simple and cost-effective device that can detect lead...

Man in Waist-high Floodwaters Finds His Wife’s Engagement Ring Floating in Box

He knew all the material stuff could be replaced after a hurricane left his home underwater—but his spirits soared when he saw a tiny package floating by.