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Watch Cop Who “Can’t Swim” Dive Into Freezing Waters to Save Drowning Man

His heroic actions have since earned the student officer the nickname “The Hoff”.

Want Instant Pain Relief? New Report Says You Could Go For a Swim in Cold Water

Researchers aren't quite sure why, but this new case report suggests that going for cold swims might be a source of instant pain relief.

Dog Leads Confused Owner To Missing Elderly Woman Knee-Deep In Dark Pond Water

A dog named after Batman is being credited with helping a woman get back home to her family when she was lost in a...

World’s Only Underwater Mailbox Was Built to Help Bring Tourists into Town – and it Worked

If you're into whacky roadside attractions, Susami may be your next travel destination – although, the attraction isn't necessarily on the side of the road, per se.

Watch Dozens of Pedestrians Pull Elk Herd From Frozen Waters

25 Wyoming residents all worked together to rescue a herd of elk that had fallen through the ice of a local reservoir.

Clean Water Lands in Puerto Rico Thanks to Solar-Powered Filtration

The solar-powered, military-grade water filters can clean thousands of gallons of water – and they are now being used to help Puerto Rican families.

11-Year-Old Becomes ‘America’s Top Young Scientist’ for Her Sensor Detecting Lead in Water

Gitanjali Rao may be young, but she was just named “America's Top Young Scientist” for her simple and cost-effective device that can detect lead...

Man in Waist-high Floodwaters Finds His Wife’s Engagement Ring Floating in Box

He knew all the material stuff could be replaced after a hurricane left his home underwater—but his spirits soared when he saw a tiny package floating by.

Grammy Nominee Moved to Buy Piano for Texas Dad Who Played in Knee-deep Floodwaters

When a Texas father posted a video of himself somberly playing a piano in his flooded home, another musician became stirred to lend a...

Watch These Tenacious Rabbits Riding on the Backs of Sheep to Escape Floodwaters

Even though it involved some daring stunts, these bunnies weren't sheepish about hitching a ride to safety. Extreme weather on the South Island of New...

Man Flies Drone Above Legendary Water Drain and Captures Stunning Footage

The Glory Hole spillway of Northern California is even more captivating from a bird's eye view.

Male Model Jumps into Choppy Water to Rescue Drowning Dog

This fashion model wasn't afraid of jumping into choppy ocean waters if it meant saving the pup who had been blown off of a...

First Ultra-Accessible Waterpark for the Disabled Just Opened its Doors

This San Antonio, Texas waterpark just opened its doors to the public on Saturday – and anyone with a disability is given free admission.

These Blobs May Be the Future of Plastic Water Bottles

These funny looking globs might spell the end of plastic bottles polluting the ocean. The Ooho! is an “edible water bottle” made entirely out of...

Watch Man Rush to Save Drowning Office Cat Knocked into Water

What started out as a cat-a-strophic accident turned into a paw-sitively inspiring rescue. Felix the office cat of the London's Royal Dock Management Authority got...

Senate Agrees to Give Everglades 78-Billion Gallon Drink of Cleaner Water

The Florida Senate has just passed a bill that would cleanse and refresh the Everglades with over 78 billion gallons of clean water. The congregation...

Indian Farmers Harness the Monsoon Waters to Overcome Drought

For years, Indian farmers have struggled to survive the dry spells that plague their crops – but, they have finally learned to overcome the...

Watch Villagers Pour Water into the Mouth of Thirsty King Cobra

Most people standing face-to-face with a 12-foot long King Cobra might run in the other direction, but these villagers are accustomed to reptilian visitors....

Simple Contraption Saves Women From Having to Break Their Necks Just to Carry Water

Over 750 million African people live in areas so devoid of clean water, they're forced to walk miles every day just to carry painstakingly heavy...

Super Sponge Can Cleanse Mercury From Polluted Water Within Seconds

Mercury is very toxic and can cause long-term health damage, but removing it from water is challenging. To address this growing problem, this lab...