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California Becomes First State to Ban Pet Shop Sales of Non-Rescued Animals

The bill has become the first statewide piece of legislation to take a direct stance against puppy mills and the sale of commercially bred animals.

Houston Furniture Store Invites Flood Victims and Pets to Shelter on its Mattresses and Sofas

He’s been a Houston fixture, advertising his two furniture stores in Houston for over a third of a century. This week he advertised his...

Hillary Swank Steps Up to Save Tiny Pups Left at a Shelter

These babies may not have cost a million dollars, but they're sure worth a lot to Oscar award-winning actress Hillary Swank. Two golden retriever pups...

Family Drives 16 Hours to Adopt Pup After Hearing Shelter Was Too Full

This sweet pup may not be a princess, but she surely will be living happily ever after with these fairy godparents. Earlier last week, the...

Dedicated Shelter Staff Teaches Dog French For Her New Home

This sweet little mixed-breed will soon be moving across the channel to her forever home amongst the historically pampered pups of France. So to prepare her...

IKEA Donates Doll Beds to Shelter Cats Waiting to be Adopted

These shelter pets now have a cozy place for cat naps thanks to the Swedish-based furniture company IKEA.

Abused Shelter Dog a Hero for Finding Naked Girl Shivering in Cold

Peanut the dog is being hailed as a heroic hound after she rescued a 3-year-old girl from freezing temperatures – and a terrible home. On...

San Francisco Bans Sale of Non-Rescue Animals at Pet Stores

This is one pawesome victory for California animals without a home. In a unanimous vote passed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, city pet...

Brewery Gives Free Case of Beer to Anyone Who Adopts Abused Dog at Local Shelter

In order to encourage people to adopt, this Hungarian brewery is giving away free crates of personalized beer to anyone who adopts one of...

Zoos Compete to Claim Cutest Animal in #CuteAnimalTweetOff

We have a new gray seal pup at our @NationalZoo! She appears to be nursing, moving and bonding well with mom. More:—...

Nonverbal Boy with Autism Shares Special Bond with Deaf New Shelter Dog

Connor only communicates through signing and gestures – as fate would have it, so does his deaf new companion named Ellie.

More Than 800 Animals Find Loving Homes Thanks to One Woman Paying All Adoption Fees

Kim Pacini-Hauch doesn't care about what price she has to pay – she just wants to make sure that every shelter pet in Sacramento has a loving home.

Woman is Paying All Shelter Adoption Fees Until 2017 So Pets Can Find Forever Homes

This Californian real estate agent doesn't care how much money it takes – she's making sure that every shelter pet has a home for the holidays.

Domestic Violence Shelters Will Soon Be Renovated to Accommodate Pets

Hundreds of domestic violence shelters in the United States aren't fitted for the pets of survivors – but this organization is working to change that.

Watch Uber Driver Surprise Passengers With Shelter Pups

Jonathan Guarano wanted to raise awareness for animal adoption – so he brought these perfect pups along for his passengers to love.

Animal Lovers Rejoice! There’s Now a Wine For Your Furry Friends

You don't have to be a lonely cat lady in order to appreciate how exciting it is to kick back, relax, and share a glass of Pinot Meow with your feline.

High School Cross Country Team Take Shelter Dogs For a Run

It's hard to tell who's having more fun: the abandoned shelter pups or the high school teens.

Shelter Offers “Unadoptable” Feral Cats to Hunt Rats —With Big Success

With rat control problems up 67% in one year, Chicago is trying an old-fashioned, non-toxic, solution to solving the problem.

Every View of this Adorable Doggie Video Earns One Pound of Food for a Shelter

Do you want to unleash someone’s inner joy? Puppies can make almost anyone's day better– and these pups are making the day better for...

Community Donates Hundreds of Bags of Pet Food After Shelter Theft –Watch

After hundreds of dollars worth of pet food was stolen from their Bedford office, the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire reports the donations that came flooding in have replaced the food ten-fold.