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Good News in History, April 1

The United States House of Representatives first met in New York City and held its first quorum, electing Frederick Muhlenberg of Pennsylvania as its first...

Niño Prodigio Invidente de 6 años que es Autodidacta en el Piano se ha Convertido en Estrella de Internet

Avett Ray Maness es un niño autodidacta en el piano, quien ha repiqueteado los marfiles desde que tenía 11 meses. Este jovencito de Dayton, Ohio...

Examen Rutinario de la Vista Podría Detectar Estadios Tempranos de la Enfermedad de Alzheimer’s en Segundos De Acuerdo a Un Nuevo Estudio

Este rápido examen rutinario de la vista podría ofrecer un pronto diagnóstico y llevar a tratamientos que son más efectivos que las actuales terápias.

Blind 6-Year-old ‘Prodigy’ Who Taught Himself to Play Piano Has Become an Internet Star

This self-taught piano player has won hearts across the internet after his mother started uploading videos of his impressive rock n' roll performances.

Man Reunites Senior With His Pup After Standing On a Street Corner With ‘Lost Dog’ Sign for 3 Hours

A 40-year-old man is being hailed as a hero – and a stud – after he stood out on a street corner with a “Lost Dog” sign in hand for three hours.

These Specially-Trained Dogs Are Protecting Both Humans and Bears Thanks to Their Natural Fearlessness

These specially-trained canines are being hired to protect both humans and bears thanks to their special genetic skillset.

Major Plastic Producer Has Turned Over 100 Tons of Waste into Roads – With Many More Miles More to Go

After successfully piloting the roads in Asia, the company has started laying the recycled plastic roads in America as well.

La NASA Felizmente Reporta que lla Tierra es más Verde, Con más Árboles Que 20 Años Atrás- Gracias a China e India

El mundo es literalmente un lugar más verde de lo que era hace 20 años, y los datos recolectados por los satélites de la...

Dog Goes From Digging Through Trash to Being Featured in a Hollywood Movie—and Happy Ever After

No one imagined a malnourished mutt would go from sifting through trash to being adored on the silver screen with millions of new fans.

Woman Shares Home With 90 Rescue Animals She Named After Lord of the Rings Characters

If anything can be said about this 31-year-old dog sitter from Georgia, it's that she loves animals and she loves Lord of the Rings.

First Scientifically Confirmed Images in 100 Years: The Awe-Inspiring, Elusive Black Leopard

These breathtaking pictures prove the survival of the ultra-rare black leopard in Africa – and they are some of the first photos to do so in over 100 years.

Scientists Are ‘Giddy’ Over Their Historic Visit to One of the ‘World’s Youngest Islands’

This newly-formed stretch of land off the coast of Australia could provide valuable new insight to the topographical conditions on Mars.

NASA Happily Reports the Earth is Greener, With More Trees Than 20 Years Ago–and It’s Thanks to China, India

This heartening reserach from the last 20 years has spurred NASA researchers to encourage optimism for humanity's future on Earth.

When an 87-Year-old Fell Down in Winter Storm, She was Rescued by a Dog (Now Being Called Lassie)

This black Labrador mix is being hailed a hero after she came to the rescue of an 87-year-old woman in distress earlier this week. Tim...

Esta Gimnasta fue tan Perfecta y Divertida, que Recibió un Puntaje Perfecto de 10 y Millones de Visitas en su Video

Un Panel de Jueces le dio un puntaje perfecto a Katelyn Ohashi después de que realizase una rutina de gimnasia sin parar hace algunos...

Good News in History, January 24

70 years ago today, John Belushi was born in Chicago to Albanian-American parents. An original cast member on Saturday Night Live, the comedian-actor was...

Científicos Desarrollan una Nueva Planta Cacera que Limpia el Aire del Hogar de los Peores Químicos

Esta nueva planta interior va un paso más alla que los filtros de aire, limpiando el aire de químicos comunes como el benceno, cloroformo y formaldehído

Nepal Set to Become First Country That Doubles Its Wild Tiger Population

After almost a decade of conservation work, Nepal is poised to become the first of fourteen countries that doubles its wild tiger population.

En vez de “Somos lo que Comemos”, La Ciencia de la Amabilidad Dice “Somos lo que Vemos” en la Vida Diaria

Reprinted with permission from Envision Kindness Como un doctor especializado en enfermedades como diabetes, yo se un poco de nutrición y el metabolismo. Realmente creo en...

Dedicated Veterinarian Donned Mouse Onesie to Soothe Anxious Dog

When you give a veterinarian a mouse suit, you know that any surgery on an anxious pup will turn out well. Though you can imagine...