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Good News in History, May 15

On this day 90 years ago, Mickey Mouse made his debut. The squeaky-voiced character created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks appeared with Minnie Mouse in...

Good News in History, May 9

On this day 21 years ago, a former prisoner of war became the first American ambassador to communist Vietnam. 22 years after the US...

UPDATE: North and South Korea Commit to Denuclearization, End of War, and Unity

In a historic summit on the border, the leaders of North and South Korea met for peace talks and announced their commitment to total...

She Prevents Gender-based Violence in India by Using a Powerful Law

Sometimes, it only takes one determined woman to save millions of people from the judicial system; and in this case, that woman is Gulika Reddy.

UK Supermarket Chain to Ban the Use of Palm Oil From Its Line of Branded Products

The ban is expected to reduce demand for the harmful ingredient by over 500 tons per year.

Good News in History, April 10

On this day 20 years ago, the Northern Ireland peace talks, which had dragged on for two years, culminated in the historic Good Friday Agreement,...

Good News in History, April 4

60 years ago today, the peace sign was created by artist Gerald Holtom in London for an anti-war protest in Aldermaston, England, incorporating the flag...

Instead of Paper, These Sturdy, Biodegradable Plates Are Made From Leaves

Want to have an environmentally-friendly picnic? These disposable plates made out of leaves are waterproof, biodegradable, and sustainably sourced.

Good News in History, April 1

Happy 70th Birthday to the Jamaican ska and reggae musician, singer, and actor, Jimmy Cliff. After scoring his first hit at age 14, he...

Nova Scotia Becomes 1st Province to Ban Cat Declawing

The practice has already been banned in over 20 countries – and now, Nova Scotia has become the first Canadian province to take a stance.

Couple is Shocked to See Themselves in the Same Tourist Photo From Years Before They Met

They had both been in the faraway city on account of their mothers, too.

China is Reassigning 60,000 Troops to Plant Trees

Instead of patrolling the icy northern border, thousands of troops are being moved inland to help reforest the nation with over 84,000 square kilometers of greenery.

Watch World’s Tallest Man and Shortest Woman Meet For the First Time

The world's tallest man just met the world's smallest woman in Cairo – and the photos only show a fraction of how amazing it was.

Don’t Wait For Your Best Friend to Pass: Learn From Henry and Shift to a Life That Fulfills You

My friend Henry and I grew up not far from each other in the same town. He was one of my closest friends. Our lives...

Ordinary Black American Didn’t Set Out to Change the World, But Did

On the first day of February, we want to take you beyond the stars of Black History Month–Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr., and...

The Last Straw: California is the Latest to Take Action on Single-Use Plastic Straws

Plastic pollution sucks – which is why these regions and businesses are ditching plastic straws in favor of more environmentally friendly options.

Good News in History, January 24

Happy 50th Birthday to Mary Lou Retton, the pioneering gymnast who became the first American woman to win the sport’s individual all-around gold medal at...

Can You Be Healthy at Any Size?

The Lesson: It’s true that body weight is strongly correlated with the risk of various diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes....

Watch Violinist Play Private Concert For Street Cats in Enchanting Italian Short Film

If you like amusing cat antics, classical music, animated short films, or mysterious Italian tales, then you're bound to love this pawesome video.

Watch Whale Reportedly Protect Diver From Nearby Shark

This snorkeler was confused as to why a humpback whale was hanging around her so persistently – but then she saw the 15-foot tiger shark swimming nearby.