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A Prescription for Compassion, This Handyman Builds Cheap Wheelchairs and Gives Them to Disabled Dogs

This animal lover dreamed up a brilliant solution for the dozens of disabled pups wandering around his city. When 40-year-old Pan Chieh isn't working as...

After Days of Intense Search, Lost Dogs Return Home When They Smell Family Cooking Breakfast

When two mischievous pups dashed away from their owners into the wilderness, their humans were worried that they would never see them ever again. Upon...

Photographer Gets Dogs Adopted With Stunning “Cones of Fame”

These pups may not have found their respective forever homes if it weren't for the ingenuity of Erin Einbender. // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle...

This Woman Has Saved Hundreds of Dogs From ‘Dumping Ground’

Hundreds of injured and abandoned pups have been rescued from the side of the road – and it's all thanks to one woman and a...

Watch Veterinarian Soothe Anxious Dogs by Singing to Them

Ross Henderson doesn't just care for his patients' physical health – he cares for their feelings too. Ross is a veterinarian at the Fox Hollow...

Prairie Dogs Win Major Victory in Court

Prairie pups on the range are now more likely to live and see another day thanks to a recent court ruling. The 10th Circuit of Court of...

Taiwan Becomes First Asian Country to Ban Consumption of Dogs, Cats

In a landmark amendment to their pre-existing laws, Taiwan has become the first country in Asia to totally ban the consumption of dog and...

Thousands of Blind Dogs Get New Leash on Life With This Wearable Device

Sylvie Bordeaux was heartbroken when her toy poodle Muffin started going blind from cataracts in his eyes. His vision problems came after Muffin was subjected...

Gene Therapy Could Save Thousands of Dogs from Muscle-wasting Disease

Work on gene therapy is showing significant progress for restoring muscle strength and prolonging lives in dogs with a previously incurable, inherited neuromuscular disease. The...

Soccer Superstar Helps Save Dozens of Dogs With the Stroke of a Pen

Cristiano Ronaldo, the golden boy forward player of the Portugal national team, just saved a financially struggling animal shelter with a simple signature. //

Mall Opens its Doors for Stray Dogs During Winter Storm

Despite the heavy snow pummeling Istanbul this weekend, the city's stray dogs were safe and snug thanks to a generous local mall that opened its...

Heroic Man Punches a Cougar in the Face to Protect Dogs

Will wasted no time deciding to fight an attacking cougar with his bare hands, after it had latched onto his beloved pup Sasha.

These 10 Top Dogs of 2016 Will Warm Your Pup-Loving Heart

As 2016 comes to a close, it's time to reflect on all the great things that have happened – that's why we put together our favorite puppy tales of the year.

Dogs Dream About How Much They Love Their Humans, Says Harvard Psychologist

Dr. Deirdre Barrett's theory on dog dreams are making loving pet owners everywhere geek out over their pup's sweet slumbering habits.

Romanian Shelter Gives Paraplegic Dogs Love, Care, and Wheelchairs (LOOK)

These legless pups have been given another shot at a happy life thanks to the shelter that gives wheelchairs to their paralyzed patients.

Dogs Can Actually Understand What Humans Are Saying, Study Says

Puppy lovers rejoice! In a recently released study, researchers came up with concrete evidence that dogs not only understand feeling, but vocabulary too.

First Art Exhibit Designed Just for Dogs Includes Open Car Windows With Fans (WATCH)

Consulting the experts on what stimulates dogs, an exhibit was created especially to excite a dog's imagination.

Cop Posts Selfies with Dogs He Saved To Help Them Reunite With Owners

Social media has once again reunited a family thanks to a Massachusetts police officer's Facebook selfies.

Prisoners Can Reduce Jail Time by Helping Street Dogs

Prisoners in the regional penitentiary of Pelotas, a country side city in the south of Brazil, are building houses for dogs and – since...

High School Cross Country Team Take Shelter Dogs For a Run

It's hard to tell who's having more fun: the abandoned shelter pups or the high school teens.