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When Town Superman Needs Help, Community Rallies Behind Him to Raise Thousands

This man has acted as his town's own personal Superman for over 25 years – so when he was the one who needed rescuing, they did not hesitate to help.

Good News in History, November 3

100 years ago today, the Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Bob Feller was born on an Iowa farm. The young prodigy who joined the...

Good News in History, October 13

175 years ago today, Henry Jones and 11 others founded B'nai B'rith in New York City—the oldest Jewish service organization in the world. The new...

Good News in History Sept 22

Happy 60th birthday to Joan Jett, who took her mother’s maiden name and jetted to fame as the founding member and singer of The...

Teacher Goes Above and Beyond to Help Teen Mom Years After Having Her in Class

This Chicago teacher did not hesitate to help a former student after she received a message at 3 in the morning last week.

Forgiving the Unforgivable: Mom Worked With Daughter’s Killers to Bring Hope to a Desperate Community

One of the most remarkable stories of forgiveness had its sad beginning 25 years ago this month, so we reached out to the California...

How to Build Rapport With Everyone by Learning the 3 Types of Body Language

If you want to be a master of persuasion and social prowess, all you have to do is learn to recognize the three different kinds of body language.

Man Risks Life to Save His Parrot From Deep Mud, Heroes Come to Rescue

When a devoted man risked his life to save his pet bird from “quicksand”, the pair of them were finally saved by a team of local rescuers.

Watching This Little Girl Read to a Sleepy Cat is the Video to Soothe Your Soul

This video of a little girl and her feline friend reading a bedtime story is the perfect antidote to a stressful day.

Centenarian’s Wrong Number Call Results in New Best Friend and 10-Hour Road Trip!

Irene and Rosa are a perfect example of how the simplest mistakes can lead to the most wonderful outcomes.

When Cop With Cancer Refuses to Stop Working, Dozens of City Workers Donate Their Sick Days

Editor's Note: this town was previously featured on GNN as one of the finalists for the Top 10 Nicest Places in America competition from...

Teacher Carries 60-Pound Student on Her Back, Not Wanting Anyone to Be Left Out of Camping Trip

Not only that, the teacher shelled out $300 of her own money so she could carry the student for the entirety of the weekend trip.

Dying Grandma Was Too Sick to Attend, So College Baseball Team Took the Game to Her

Marilyn Seavers was too weak from chemotherapy to leave her house for her grandson's baseball game back in March – so the team brought the game to her instead.

8th Grader Saves All Year for Spring Break So She Can Pay For Low-Income People’s Laundry

This eighth-grader was heartbroken by how some of her fellow students did not always have clean clothes to wear – so she decided to pay for their laundry herself.

Instead of Elephants, This Family Circus Features Happy Rescue Dogs as the Stars

There are few things better in the world than the smell of popcorn, cotton candy, and a glittering show, but one circus in Illinois...

Comfy Armchairs Pouring in For Animal Shelter So Every Pet Can Have a Spot

Since posting an adorable 10-second video of their lounging dogs, this Illinois shelter has received dozens more chairs for their other animal residents.

Power is Restored to Puerto Rican School Thanks to Boy’s Generous Heart

If it had not been for the kindness of a 7-year-old boy from Buffalo, Illinois, these Puerto Rican students may still have been sitting in darkness.

Grandfather Can’t Stop Laughing When He Finally Discovers the Hiding Place of His Missing Phone

When this bamboozled grandfather was unable to find his ringing phone, a group of his family members all joined in on the search for...

Celebrities That Surprised Us With Generosity and Kindness in 2017

While 2016 was one of paying tribute to a dozen A-list celebrities who had passed on to the next life, this year has been...

Bus Driver Knits Personalized Hats, Scarves For Each Unique Student on Her Route

  This bus driver does a lot more than escort students to and from school – she also knits them custom-made hats and scarves with...