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Study Finds Scientific Basis for Acupuncture Benefit

Scientists have taken another important step toward understanding just how sticking needles into the body can ease pain. In a paper published Sunday...
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Four Ways to Get Happy Now

A 20/20 news special recently confirmed that we have a large measure of control over our own levels of happiness -- at least 40...

UCLA Scientists Make Paralyzed Rats Walk Again After Spinal Cord Injury

UCLA researchers have discovered that a combination of drugs, electrical stimulation and regular exercise can enable paralyzed rats to walk and even run...

‘Getting Dirty’ May Help Depressed

"People who suffer from depression could benefit from getting "dirty," according to new research. Bacteria found in soil has the same uplifting effects as...

The Joy of Giving is Hormone Based

Neuroscience has once again shown that selfless giving has its root in human nature: People do it because it feels good. Researchers...