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Good News in History, November 14

130 years ago today, pioneering female journalist Nellie Bly began her record-breaking attempt to travel around the world in 80 days. She succeeded—and needed...

Good News in History, November 7

30 years ago today, Doug Wilder in Virginia became the first elected African-American governor in United States history. The attorney and veteran was a...

La Ciencia de la Amabilidad Demuestra la Importancia de Abrazar en Nuestra Salud Física y Mental

¿Has tenido hoy tu abrazo diario? Si es no, estudios dicen que podrías estar perdiéndote algunos beneficios importantes en salud física y mental.

Nurse With No Experience Trading Stocks Wins $10,000 Playing a New Fantasy Stock Pick Game

A new fantasy stock game is rewarding people from all walks of life with cash prizes—like a nurse from Ohio that just won the $10,000 monthly prize, having no trading experience.

Science of Kindness Shows Just How Important Hugging is for Our Mental and Physical Health

Have you had your daily hug today? If you haven't, studies say that you might be missing out on some pretty notable mental and physical health benefits.

Carbon-Neutral ‘Artificial Leaf’ Produces Clean Gas Which Could Help to Replace Fossil Fuels

The device, which “sets a new benchmark in the field of solar fuels”, could help to sustainably produce syngas.

Good News in History, October 22

140 years ago today, after frustrating months testing the usual choice, platinum wire, to light an electric bulb, Thomas Edison, decided to try carbonized...

Good News in History, October 17

80 years ago today, the film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, directed by Frank Capra and starring Jimmy Stewart, was released. A political drama...

Dog Ownership Associated With Longer Life—Especially Among Heart Attack and Stroke Survivors

Owning a dog was linked to a 33% lower risk of early death for heart attack survivors and a 27% reduced risk for stroke survivors.

Carbon Emissions From 30 of the World’s Largest Cities Are Already Dropping Since Signing Climate Pact

Not only have dozens of the world's most influential cities curbed their CO2 emissions, they have also passed legislation on plastic and free transit.

Good News in History, October 6

130 years ago today, the Moulin Rouge cabaret opened for the first time in Paris. Birthplace of the high-stepping ‘can-can’ (a scandalous dance for...

Good News in History, October 4

15 years ago today, SpaceShipOne, funded by Microsoft’s Paul Allen, became the first private manned-spacecraft to fly into sub-orbital space. That same year, its...

Largest Purchase of Electric Vehicles in History: Amazon Orders 100,000 EV Delivery Vans

Amazon has just placed an order for 100,000 electric delivery vans—a purchase that is now going down in history as the largest for electric...

In ‘Massive Boost’ to Climate Goals, Banks Responsible for $47 Trillion in Assets Are Committing to Saving the Earth

More than one-third of the world's banks are committing to the sustainability goals that were set by the Paris Agreement.

UN Honors Chinese Company for Planting 122Mil Trees to Reward Customers for Their Eco-Friendly Habits

Since the Ant Forest program launched in 2016, it has helped to plant more than 122 million trees in the most arid parts of China.

Thanks to Student’s Hunch, Seniors With Dementia Are ‘Coming Alive’ Again With the ‘Magic’ of Virtual Reality

The technology was shown to greatly decrease symptoms of depression and isolation in seniors suffering from dementia in more than 100 nursing communities.

Learn What 370 Schools Are Now Teaching in a Massive New Mental Health Research Trial

One of the world’s largest trials ever undertaken in the realm of mental health is now underway in the classrooms of hundreds of schools...

Good News in History, September 3

80 years ago today, the King’s Speech of George VI was broadcast to the people of Britain upon that country’s Declaration of War against...

9-Year-old Double Amputee to Make History on ‘New York Fashion Week’ Catwalk

This 9-year-old Daisy-May is about to make history as the first ever double amputee child to walk the prestigious New York Fashion Week.

Good News in History, August 27

90 years ago today, the Kellogg-Briand Pact (or Pact of Paris, named for where it was signed) was agreed to by 60 countries as...