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Police Identify Missing Husky By Seeing if it Sings Along With its Favorite Tune

The owner of this sweet Siberian husky said that there was a very obvious way of figuring out the identity of the malnourished pup – by singing his favorite songs.

Police Officers Stand In For Children’s Parents Who Couldn’t Make it to School Dance

While school dances may be fun ways for children to bond with their parents, some moms and dads just can't join in because of...

When Police Officers Stop to Help Motorist, They End Up Saving a Choking Infant

These two officers only stopped to check up on the disabled car when they found a mother who was distressed over her choking infant.

Students Worried About Parked Police Car at School Until They Saw What He was Doing

While students and parents discussed their concern over the police car that was parked outside of school two weeks ago, their worries soon melted...

Watch What Happens When Woman Rushes into Police Station With Lifeless Puppy

This woman ran into the police department on Sunday saying that her puppy had stopped breathing. Luckily, the officers behind the counter knew exactly what to do.

Cop Writes Amusing “Police Report” of Furry Carjacker Found on His Windshield

Everyone needs a break from the seriousness of life – including the police. This officer in particular took a break from fighting crime to write...

Record Low Number of Police Officers Killed in 2017

2017 experienced the second lowest amount of police officers killed in the line of duty – and analysts are hoping that the number will continue to fall.

Police Discover That ‘Missing’ Son Actually Has Secret Christmas Plans For Mom

When Sophia Reed's 13-year-old son Diauris went missing last week, she was terrified that something bad had happened to him. After he had been...

Officer Surprises Boy Who Calls Police Over His Fear That the Grinch Will Steal Christmas

This police officer knows what it's like to be worried about the Grinch – so she had no problem easing TyLon Pittman's fears when he dialed 911.

New Zealand Needs Police Officers– and Their Recruitment Video is Hilariously Compelling

New Zealand wants your help in becoming the safest country in the world – and their recruitment tactics are hilarious.

Lost Senior With Dementia Found in Cornfield, Thanks to Police Drone

When this 81-year-old woman with dementia went missing last weekend, police crews were struggling to find her through the difficult terrain. Luckily, the force had...

Rising From the Ashes, Santa Rosa Police Give 1,000 Halloween Costumes to Fire-stressed Kids

This police department is not just dedicated to saving lives – they are also determined to give the kids in their community a chance...

Boy Gives Away Lemonade and 100 Free Donuts to Police “Superheroes”

Oliver Davis wanted to say thank you to all the Kansas City police officers for their hard work, calling them the only superheroes he needs.

Neighbor Sees Police Officer Battling to Push Senior’s Broken Electric Wheelchair Uphill

This hardworking police officer is being hailed for protecting, serving, and pushing his community when the need arises – even under a devastatingly hot...

Over $60K Raised for Vendor After Video Shows Police Seizing His Money

A Twitter video of a college police officer seizing a street vendor's personal money may have stirred online controversy, but it has also spurred...

When Student’s College Fund is Stolen, Police Officers Double it

While these law enforcement officers may not have been at this college student's house to protect her savings, they were sure to serve up...

Scared 4-Year-Old Girl Calls Police to Check Her House for Monsters

When a little girl was scared of finding monsters in her new home, she knew just who to call: the local police. 4-year-old Sidney Fahrenbruch...

9-Year-old Has Given Over 7,000 Donuts to Police Officers

This 9-year-old boy may not have any superpowers, but he is a hero to the men and women protecting our communities. Tyler Carach is a...

Watch This Policeman Calm a Knife-wielding Assailant With a Hug

Most people who are confronted by a knife-wielding stranger aren't able to keep their cool – but Officer Anirut Malee has become the definition...

Police Officer Saves the Day by Jumping onto Runaway Horse Wagon

This police officer must have impeccable timing – because he managed to jump on the back of a horse-drawn carriage going 25 miles an...