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Robots Clear Waterways of Deadly Mines

Andrew submitted this link to an AP story about a new technology developed for clearing deadly underwater mines. The ultimate in lifeguards, this...
Dartmouth Cool Robot

Polar Robot to Roam South Pole doing Science Experiments

Look at the Cool Robot! That's the name for the new solar-powered mobile science station built by Dartmouth students and faculty to specifically withstand...

Girl Hand-Delivers More Than 1,000 Christmas Cards in Her Village After Having Her Leg Amputated

All this little girl wants for Christmas is to make people smile—so she has taken it upon herself to hand-deliver holiday cards to more than 1,000 people.

Good News in History, December 2

65 years ago today, the U.S. Senate voted 65 to 22 to censure Sen. Joseph McCarthy, the Republican from Wisconsin, for “abusing” colleagues during...

These New Bionic Legs Allow Amputees to Feel and Use Prosthetic as If It Were Their Real Leg

Since three different amputees have been fitted with the bionic legs, the developers are confident that the prosthetics will soon be commercially available.

Scientists Detect Tone Pattern in the Ringing of a Newborn Black Hole for the First Time, Proving Einstein Right Again

100 years after Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves, scientists have confirmed that he was right about black holes—again.

Hundreds of Strangers Rally One Morning to Grant 4-Year-old Cancer Survivor’s Birthday Wish for ‘100 Bumblebees’

This 4-year-old cancer survivor was given the surprise of a lifetime after his neighbors rallied together to provide a rainbow of yellow, one mile long, outside his house the morning of his birthday.

Good News in History, September 11

On this day 22 years ago, the Mars Global Surveyor reached its destination—a stable orbit around the red planet. NASA’s robotic spacecraft traveled nearly...

Leonardo DiCaprio Launches $5 Million Emergency Fund to Help Combat Amazon Rainforest Fires

The Oscar award-winning actor is not the only one helping to combat the Amazon rainforest fires, either.

Wheelchair Climber Pushes Limitations on 2,300-mile Road Trip Through Majestic Wilderness

When Nerissa Cannon became disabled in 2013 and had to use a wheelchair full-time, she felt like she had lost her entire identity. As...

No More ‘Sniff Tests’: Cheap Biodegradable Sensors Can Tell Smartphones When Food Has Gone Bad

Costing just 2 cents a pop, these inexpensive sensors could save tons of perfectly good food from being thrown into the garbage.

Good News in History, August 10

MORE Good News on this Day: Islam's prophet Muhammed began receiving the Qur'an on the first Laylat al-Qadr (610) Candid Camera made its US...

Researchers Discover Proteins That Could Soon Restore Damaged Hearing and Irreversible Deafness

Researchers have just discovered a genetic tool in mice which could soon treat irreversible deafness and hearing loss.

After Showing 92% Efficiency in Early Trials, We’re One Step Closer to First Ever Herpes Vaccine

A biopharmaceutical company has just received a patent number for their genital herpes vaccine, which puts them one step closer to conducting human trials.

Scientists Create First-Ever Magnetic Liquid – and Its Movements Are Mesmerizing – ‘We almost couldn’t believe it’

Both inventors of centuries past and scientists of today have found ingenious ways to make our lives better with magnets—from the magnetic needle on...

Good News in History, July 20

50 years ago today, men first stepped on the moon during NASA’s Apollo 11 mission; Neil Armstrong first, at 10:56pm EST, because he was...

Jaden Smith Celebrates 21st Birthday By Deploying Vegan Food Truck to Hand Out Free Meals to Homeless

The talented young actor and musician says that the pop-up giveaway will be the first of many on Skid Row and across Los Angeles.

How You and Your Friends May Soon Be Able to Play Video Games Together Using Only Your Minds

A groundbreaking piece of research shows that groups of people can communicate wordlessly by concentrating on the right answer—and they were correct 13 out...

Good News in History, July 4

80 years ago today, Lou Gehrig, afflicted with a fatal disease, stepped to a microphone at New York's Yankee Stadium and announced his retirement from...

Researchers Teleport Information to Be Stored Within a Diamond

Japanese researchers have succeeded in teleporting information on a quantum level – and it has huge implications for the future of technology.