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Soccer Team Helps Bring Peace to Ivory Coast

The first-ever World Cup match for the Ivory Coast was played by a team made up of players of various ethnic backgrounds from both...

Top Soccer Stars Score for Kids at World Cup

The world's top soccer stars will not only score for their home countries at next month's World Cup but also play for UNICEF, the...

Good News in History, December 7

40 years ago today, Star Trek: The Motion Picture debuted on big screens starring the cast of the original television series. The science fiction...

Golfer Embraces Fan With Down Syndrome Whose Yell Caused Him to Lose Crucial Game-Making Shot

Rather than dwell on his disappointment over his lost playoff match, pro golfer Brandon Matthews made sure to embrace the fan who disrupted his final shot.

Photographer Captures Picture of Stunning ‘Ice Ball’ Phenomenon on Finnish Beach

According to the Finnish photographer and his wife, some of the largest of the frozen speres on their beach were as big as soccer balls.

Astros Baseball Fans Take Out Big Ad in The Washington Post Thanking Opponents For Their Hospitality

Washington Nats fans may not have been happy losing 3 straight World Series games to Houston, but that didn't stop their hospitality from impressing visiting fans.

One-Legged Man Ties His Disability Into the Best Halloween Costumes Ever – Here’s His 2019 Genius

Josh Sundquist has never let his amputation get in the way of his Halloween costumes—in fact, he has used his disability to make the best costumes ever.

Airman Who Was Traveling to Receive Heroism Award Nonchalantly Saves a Choking Baby on the Way

After committing countless heroic deeds over the course of the last 12 years, this airman saved yet another life on his way to receive an award for valor.

Good News in History, May 23

50 years ago today, The Who released in the UK the first rock opera, entitled Tommy, about a “deaf, dumb and blind kid," who “sure...

Good News in History, May 2

On this day 10 years ago, Bob Dylan signed up to take a minibus tour to John Lennon's childhood home in Liverpool, England. He...

Here’s How You Play the World’s First Sport Designed by AI – and It’s Apparently Pretty Fun

A team of designers uploaded the rules of 400 different world sports into an AI program so it could design its own – and the result is apparently quite fun.

Remember the 8-Year-old Girl Who Became Mother to a Duck? They’re Now Using Their Cuteness for Therapy

You may be familiar with Kylie Brown and Snowflake the duck after their adorable story first appeared in the media a few years ago. For...

When His Fortune Cookie Said it Was His Lucky Day, He Bought a Lottery Ticket That Proved it Was Indeed

The Maryland man bought the lottery ticket in honor of his favorite soccer player – and as fortune would have it, it turned out to be a winner.

US Woman Who ‘Hated Muslims’ Now Wants to Share the Love and Understanding She Found in an Afghan Refugee

This Christian woman from the US never thought that she would be in a relationship with a Muslim after September 11th – but things are different now.

Tower of London Ignites 10,000 Torches in ‘Epic’ Display of Light to Commemorate End of WWI

This stunning art installation at the Tower of London is a powerful reminder of how light will always shine in darkness throughout history.

When Goalie Loses First Game 11-0, His Dad Posts Clip of His Saves and Prompts Outpouring of Support

A young father's earnest plea for encouragement towards his son has garnered thousands of responses from fellow soccer fans and top athletes.

In Recounting Cave Rescue, Thai Boys Say They Now Want to Be Navy Seals When They Grow Up

Devotion to their adult heroes has spurred several of the soccer players and their coach to announce their new dream of becoming Navy Seals.

19-Year-old French Superstar Donates Every Penny of World Cup Earnings to Charity

Kylian Mbappe is being called a “wonderkid” for his skills on the field – but he is just as outstanding off the pitch as well.

Celebrate the World Cup Final By Watching This Hilarious Cat Meow, ‘Goal!’

Football fans around the world are gearing up for the finale of the World Cup soccer tournament this Sunday between Croatia and France. And judging...

Celebrations Erupt After Dramatic Rescue of 12 Boys From Submerged Cave 2 Miles Deep

Over the course of the last 18 days, the world has been holding its breath over this rescue mission – but as of today, there is finally a happy ending.