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Elon Musk Gets Another Green Light for His Speedy Hyperloop Tunnel From NYC to DC

Elon Musk’s revolutionary speed train could transport passengers along the busy East Coast corridor in less than thirty minutes.

How an Apple Watch Saved a Man’s Life

An app on James Green's Apple Watch sent him a notification last week that ended up saving his life.

Google Company to Restore Cell Coverage to Puerto Rico With 30 Flying Balloons

While Hurricanes Maria and Irma have left Puerto Rico almost entirely without cell coverage, help may be on the way in the form of...

Adorable Kids Asked to Design Cars of The Future Demand Rainbow Headlights, Fins, Wings

10 kids designed their own cars for the future – and this company's realistic rendering of the hilarious vehicles show that they're actually pretty good.

City Remembers Beloved Costco Co-founder Who Treated Employees With Dignity

The business pioneer who co-founded Costco is being remembered today around the country, but particularly in the Seattle area where he opened his first...

Goals of Paris Agreement May Be Met Sooner Than Expected

The precipitous drop in costs for renewable energy technology—even from prices a few years ago—means that carbon emissions may decrease faster and hit the...

Strangers Buy Car For Youth Who Walks 3 Miles to Work Every Day

This 20-year-old had such an impressive work ethic, the community decided to reward him for his diligence with a big surprise. It all started when...

Youth Melts Internet Hearts, Escorting Fearful Senior Down the Escalator

This photo of a 23-year-old helping a frightened senior down an escalator is restoring people's faith in humanity. The image was posted by Paula Piccard...

New “Instantly Rechargeable” Battery Could Ensure the Future of Electric Cars

One of the biggest inconveniences of owning an electric or hybrid vehicle is how long it takes to recharge the batteries. Depending on the...

Saudi Woman Defies Driving Ban to Save Man’s Life

This Saudi Arabian woman is being hailed as a hero for saving the life of a bus driver who suffered a stroke while on...

Used Car Advert Helps Unemployed Man Land His Dream Job #TBT

Even the most accomplished car salesman might have some trouble selling a dingy 1985 Subaru model – but for this unemployed man, the old...

Elon Musk Takes Surprisingly Good Ad Advice From 10-Year-old

Bria may only be a 5th grader, but her advertising advice to Elon Musk was so good, the Tesla CEO actually decided to take it.

The 10 Motivational Books Used By the World’s Top Achievers

As Buddha once said, “we are what we think”—and positive thinking is an important step in any achievement. Whether in your career or personal life, why...

Scientists Build Battery on Single Sheet of Paper Powered by Bacteria

This paper-thin battery has the potential to save thousands of lives in remote, dangerous, or resource-limited areas.

Elon Musk Joins Donald Trump’s Team of Advisories

During a meeting on Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump met with the biggest tech giants of Silicon Valley to discuss job growth in America.

We Are One Step Closer to a Finger-Swipe Powered Phone

A tiny cost-effective nanogenerator was designed to charge your phone for more than a week, powered by your every finger swipe on the screen.

Study Shows Low-emission Cars Less Expensive than Polluters

As electric and hybrid cars steadily become more popular, MIT thought they would double check the numbers and see just how economic low-emission cars are.

This Cheap, Portable Solar Panel Will Be the iPad of Renewables

These new sustainable electric devices are being called real game-changers for a more accessible solar market.

Lyft to Have Fully Autonomous Fleet of Self-Driving Cars by 2021

There's a surprising amount of environmental and economic benefits that comes from ditching human drivers from the transportation service.

Watch Woman Surprise Stepdad With Porsche He Gave Up To Marry Her Mom

Dave had spent years putting money away so he could restore his favorite automobile to working condition: a white 1973 Porsche 914. //