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Single Mom Working 3 Jobs Uses Surprise $1,000 Tip to Serve Kids Everywhere With New Skate Park

Instead of using the money to serve her own kids, this single mother used a massive tip to serve hundreds of children for years to come.

Recovering Addict Anonymously Pays for Ambulance Crew Eating Breakfast

According to the captain of the first aid squad, a hush fell over their “boisterous bunch” of EMTs after they got the note.

Instead of Burying Their Competition, Fellow Brewers Rush to Save Batch for Injured Beer Maker

This story was submitted as a nomination to the Reader’s Digest “Top 10 Nicest Places in America” contest: a crowd-sourced effort to uncover corners...

Former Student Repays School Staff by Surprising Them With Their Own Vacations

In an impressive show of kindness, a former student donated $96,000 worth of vacation money to the staff of their former elementary school.

When Woman Leaves Giant Sign For Thief Who Stole Her Bike, People Start Knocking on Her Door

Amanda Needham was heartbroken when her bicycle was stolen from the front of her home – so she left out a hand-painted sign that spurred strangers to knock on her door.

When Flight Attendant Discovers Passenger Has Parkinson’s, He Escorts Her By the Hand to First Class

When asked if he needed help taking care of the passenger, the flight attendant simply said: “I got this.”

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Every Friday morning, you can hear another story from the Good News Guru, broadcasting LIVE on the #1 morning show in Los Angeles hosted...

Celebrities That Surprised Us With Generosity and Kindness in 2017

While 2016 was one of paying tribute to a dozen A-list celebrities who had passed on to the next life, this year has been...

Woman Meets Her Internet Scammer, Helps Him Give Up Crime, and Pays for His College

Even though Maria Grette was scammed out of thousands of dollars due to a man's conniving internet plot, she still became his friend – and his...

This Is What a First Wedding Dance Looks Like When You’re Broadway Stars

This might be the most dazzling first dance at a wedding we have ever seen.

Anonymous Woman Picks Up $400 Tab For Firefighters After Their Work on California Blaze

It had been a long day for these 25 California firefighters. The team had spent the evening fighting the 70-acre La Cadena blaze in La...

4-Year-Old’s Teacher Donates Kidney to Father In Need: ‘She’s An Amazing Lady’

Sharing is caring – and judging by what this teacher is sharing, she cares a lot. Nancy Bleuer is a preschool teacher at Washington Charlie Brown...

Infertile Couples Might Finally Be Able to Have Kids Thanks to 100-Year-old Technique

Prospective parents longing for kids of their own may no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on IVF treatments, thanks to this 100-year...

Customer Admires Chick-fil-A Employee So Much, He Built Him a New Home

Bryan Smith so admired Shakeel's sunny disposition despite illness, that he gave him the ultimate gift: a new home for his family.

Mechanic Turns Lousy Day Around for Funeral-bound Man Whose Car Broke Down

When Todd Steinkamp was told that his car wouldn't make it all the way to a Wisconsin funeral he wanted to attend, he believed it was the...

Babysitter Donates Liver to Save Family’s Infant (Video)

Kiersten Miles had only been babysitting 9-month-old Talia Rosko for a few weeks before she decided to make a big sacrifice that would end...

Republican Leaves Massive Tip and Kind Note For Liberal Server as Gesture of Unity

This restaurant diner may have been wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat appreciated his waitress's service so much, he left a hefty gratuity...

Police Officer Delivers Urgent Organ Donation

This Pennsylvania cop wasted no time in rescuing a transplant team and donated organs from a car accident.

Teens Shoveling Snow For Cash Save Stranger’s Life

Coby, Rebecca, Marcello, and Jerry were just looking to make a buck off of the most recent snowfall – instead they ended up saving a man's life.

Singer Donates Kidney to Venue Owner Who Gave His Band a Chance

Corey Fox was instrumental in this indie group's beginning – and now, their singer got to repay the favor by donating his kidney.