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Theater Hosts Dementia-Friendly Screening of ‘Mamma Mia’ After Movie-Goers Complain of Senior’s Singing

A woman's uncomfortable experience at a Welsh movie theater resulted in a day of delight for dozens of people suffering from dementia.

When Blueberries and Grapes Are Combined, a Dramatic Decline in Memory Loss and Aging – Study

The research shows a dramatic improvement in subjects who ate blueberries and grapes together, rather than separately.

Ultrasound Waves Applied to Brain Could Be a Treatment for Dementia—Free of Side Effects

Japanese scientists have found that applying ultrasound waves to the brain can improve cognitive dysfunction – and possibly combat dementia. The research found that applying low-intensity...

HIV Vaccine Inspires Hope After ‘Promising’ Results in Human Trials

The treatment was shown to evoke an anti-HIV immune response in all of the healthy patients who received the treatment.

Watch Sweet Reaction to Son Surprising Dad With ‘Final Trip’ for Father’s Day

When Billy Lea saw his son walk through his door and present him with a special Father's Day gift, he was almost entirely speechless with love.

In Latest Breakthrough, Scientists Successfully Regrow Brain Tissue That Was Damaged by a Stroke

The results of the research showed success in stroke treatment that “had not been seen before.”

Husband’s Hunch Saves Woman Who Fell Asleep Watching TV

LISTEN to this Good News Guru story, broadcast on the radio May 18th with Ellen K and Geri on KOST-103.5. (Subscribe to our new podcast on iTunes – or...

Drinking Baking Soda Could Be Cheap, Safe Way to Combat Autoimmune Disease, Says Scientists

A daily dose of baking soda may help reduce the destructive inflammation of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, scientists say. They have some of the...

The 7 Mental Health Benefits of Running That You May Not Know About

In the stressful times we live in, the importance of fitness and exercise cannot be highlighted enough. Many people tend to go for running...

This Portable 3D Printer Could Print Skin Over Wounds in Under 2 Minutes

The nifty little contraption works sort of like a dispenser for packing tape – but instead of tape, it's a fresh layer of tissue that will eliminate the need for skin grafts.

68-Year-old With Alzheimer’s Staves Off the Disease by Climbing the Same Mountain Every Day

It has been fifty years since Sion Jair first started his daily hiking routine to deal with his health issues – and he estimates that he has climbed the mountain over 5,000 times ever since.

Noninvasive Spinal Stimulation Enables Paralyzed People to Regain Use of Hands

The noninvasive treatment could be a groundbreaking therapy for disabled people in poor communities around the world.

First Ever Successful Transplant of Male Genitals Restores Function, Confidence for Wounded Vet

Many veterans will inevitably return home from war with the emotional and physical scars of their service – and some of these injuries are...

After Grandmother Loses Ability to Speak, Man Uses Tech to Get Her Voice Back

Danny Weissberg couldn't bear the thought of his grandmother communicating without the sound of her own voice – so instead, he came up with a way for her to do just that.

Scientists Believe They Found a Way to Stop Future Hurricanes in Their Tracks

These Norwegian scientists believe they may have found a way to prevent hurricanes from forming using technology that has already been proved efficient.

Australia May Become First Country to Eliminate Cervical Cancer – Rate Drops From 22% to 1%

This vaccine has had such a staggering amount of success in Australia, experts believe that it may become the first country to eliminate cervical...

Canada’s First ‘Dementia Village’ is Set to Open its Doors Next Year

Canadian residents are becoming more and more excited over the construction of a new village in British Columbia. This isn't just any village, however –...

Scientists Have Found an ‘Off Switch’ For Celiac’s Disease

Bread lovers, rejoice! There may soon be an efficient treatment for your celiac's disease that will allow you to indulge your love of pasta...

Celebrities That Surprised Us With Generosity and Kindness in 2017

While 2016 was one of paying tribute to a dozen A-list celebrities who had passed on to the next life, this year has been...

86-year-old With Dementia Snuggles Up to Mall Santa – and Makes Everybody Cry

An Albuquerque Santa is still wiping his eyes after a photo shoot with an elderly lady whose dementia brought her back to the childhood...