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Postal Worker Rescues Christmas Gifts From Fire (WATCH)

Though this postal worker's mail truck had caught on fire, that didn't stop her from calmly removing what was almost certainly dozens of Christmas gifts.

These Engineers Customize Christmas Toys For Disabled Children

Toys that can be used by severely disabled children are hard to find – that's why this program lets engineering students customize the toys themselves.

Theatre Company Creates Sensory-Friendly Christmas Carol Play to Include All Audiences

This Charles Dicken's play will have several revisions that will make it inclusive for anyone struggling with sensory-sensitivity.

Muslim Businessman Erects Tallest Christmas Tree in Solidarity With Iraqi Christians

Yassir Saad wanted to help Iraqi Christians forget about the pain caused by ISIS by erecting the tallest Christmas tree in Baghdad.

The Healing Power of Christmas Lights

“Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.” — Desiderius Erasmus “I need the Christmas lights up earlier than usual this year,” I announced...

Store Surprised by Adorable Beaver Shopping For Artificial Christmas Tree

A beaver wandered into a bargain store in Maryland, apparently shopping for an artificial Christmas tree—because the natural ones never seem to last.

Firefighters Hang Christmas Lights For Injured Dad After He Fell From Ladder

These firefighters felt bad about Erik Gaines's bone injuries – so they decided to spread some Christmas spirit and decorate the family's house instead.

Muslim-Owned Restaurant Offers Free Christmas Meal For Homeless and Elderly

The Shish Restaurant in London is giving free 3-course meals to the elderly and homeless because “no one should be alone on Christmas”.

Watch Wes Anderson’s Adorable New Christmas Short w/ Train Conductor Adrian Brody

Adrian Brody is a train conductor reluctant to admit that his train is going to be late for Christmas – so he decides to make it up to his passengers.

Husband Keeps $2Mil Lotto Win Secret to Surprises Wife for Christmas

If you had just won $2 million from the Missouri lottery, would you be able to keep it a secret? Well when Robert Bowlin won...

Homeless Family Given a Home in Time For Christmas From Florida Cop Who Rallies Realtors

When a family was in need of a Christmas miracle to get them back on their feet, a compassionate police officer became their guardian...

Man’s Arrest Prompts Police to Buy, Bring Gifts to His Kids on Christmas

Police officers in Bend, Oregon didn’t just ignore the children after a father was arrested on drug charges shortly before Christmas. In fact, they...

Bachelor’s Christmas Lights Attract a Wife (LOOK)

A bachelor’s over-the-top Christmas display attracted thousands of spectators — and even a wife. Chad Koosman didn’t have much time for dating around the holidays....

Deputy Pulls Over Drivers to Give Christmas Cash Instead of Tickets

Drivers being pulled over for minor violations were skeptical, tearful, and ultimately thankful when a deputy sheriff handed them $100 bills instead of traffic...

Muslims Protect Christmas Mass After France Heightens Security at Churches

After the French Interior Minister called for strengthening security during Christmas worship services, a group of 12 Muslim men stood outside the entrance to...

8-Year-old Girl Delivers 1,300 Toys to Fellow Cancer Patients for Christmas

When an eight-year-old girl worried Santa might not bring enough toys for all the kids at the hospital, she decided to become his helper. Sadie...

Muslim Man Spreads Joy By Delivering Christmas Gifts to Homeless- WATCH

[youtube]   The homeless people of London weren’t expecting gifts on Christmas, and they definitely were not expecting them from a Muslim Santa Claus. Nubaid Haroon decided...

The Selfless Reason Why This Young Boy Returned His Christmas Presents

[youtube]   After Kim Taylor’s best friend passed away from a heart attack, donations were being scraped together to pay for the funeral expenses. This is...

NBA Star DeMarcus Cousins Surprises Family with a Car for Christmas (WATCH)

Sacramento Kings star DeMarcus Cousins brought a local family to tears when he surprised them with a new car. The unsuspecting family was posing for...

Christmas Miracle Delivers Goal of Tiny House for Homeless Mom and 4-yo

The Christmas charity campaign supported by Good News Network reported some very good news this morning—a last minute donation that organizer Brice Royer called...