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Good News in History, June 27

21 years ago today, U.S. President Bill Clinton and China’s Communist President Jiang Zemin appeared in a live joint news conference that was seen...

This Compound in Tomato Skins Could Ward Off Diabetes, According to Scientists

The research team is one the first to link the compound to improved insulin production – and they are now working on making it into a feasible treatment.

Massive Study Shows That Two Hours a Week is Key Dose of Nature for Health Benefits

This massive new English study has identified the perfect amount of time that people should spend outdoors in order to properly absorb all of its benefits.

Woman Has Been Feeding Hungry Swans Every Day for the Last 10 Years After Dam Was Installed

Every day rain or shine, this 70-year-old grandma has doled out specialized bird seed to a flock of swans residing at an English pond.

Read the Adorable Job Application That a 7-Year-old Boy Sent to His Local Police Department

This youngster's job application to his local police department may be the most effective cover letter ever received by the force.

Lower Risk of Type 1 Diabetes in Children Vaccinated Against ‘Stomach Flu’ Virus

In the study, over 1.5 million children who received the free vaccine were far less likely to develop type 1 diabetes later in life.

Good News in History, June 15

100 years ago today, British pilots John Alcock and Arthur Brown became celebrities worldwide for completing the first nonstop transatlantic flight—a harrowing 16-hour journey...

After Doctor Performed Open Chest Surgery on Roadside, Biker Survives Crash to Walk Daughter Down the Aisle

If this quick-thinking heart surgeon had not been on the scene of John O'Brien's motorcycle collision, then the biker would not have survived the crash.

Scotland Added 22 Million New Trees Last Year, Carrying the UK Goal on its Green Shoulders

Despite how England may have fallen short of its tree planting targets for 2018, Scotland has surged past its own goal by planting 22 million new trees.

Good News in History, June 13

30 years ago, the 16th James Bond film, License to Kill, premiered. Starring Timothy Dalton in the role of the fictional spy, it is...

Retired Pharmacist Has Collected 120,000 Cigarette Butts From Streets to Make Cig-nificant Works of Art

For the last three months, this dedicated granddad has devoted his weekends to picking up cigarette butts and turning them into anti-smoking art.

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Powers Up — and It’s On Track to Generate Twice the Energy of Any Other

This trailblazing new wind farm has just switched on 50 of its 174 turbines to power 287,000 homes – and it's already on track to do much more than that.

Check Out the Joyous Photos of 100,000 Muslims Celebrating End of Fasting at Europe’s Largest Eid Gathering

Since today marks the end of Ramadan's dawn-to-dusk fasting, thousands of Muslim families are gathering together to celebrate.

Good News in History, June 3

Starting on this day 55 years ago, Jimmy Nicol got to be a Beatle for 13 days during the height of Beatlemania. When Ringo...

Teen Praised for Going ‘Above and Beyond’ to Help Little Girl With Autism Experiencing Sensory Overload

A young shoe store employee is being praised for his patience and compassion after he helped a distraught customer and her daughter who has autism.

After Man Saved Drowning Deer From Freezing River, He Used His Own Clothes to Keep It Warm for 40 Minutes

This 27-year-old man did not hesitate to plunge into a freezing river when he saw an exhausted deer struggling to stay afloat near the opposite bank.

Good News in History, May 24

Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan, who turns 78 years old today. Born Robert Zimmerman in Minnesota, Dylan renamed himself after the Welsh poet, Dylan...

Watch Drunk Young Men End Their Night By Toiling Together to Fix City’s Broken Bike Rack

Drunken young men might be more synonymous with vandalism and mischief, but not these five fellas.

Restaurant Offers Sweet Note of Forgiveness to Manager Who Accidentally Served $6,000 Bottle of Wine

Rather than serving the $300 bottle of wine that the customers ordered, a staffer accidentally cracked open a rare French wine worth almost $6,000.

Farmer Saved Fox Cubs By Performing Emergency C-Section On Mother That Had Just Been Hit By a Car

These cute critters may not have survived to see the light of day if it had not been for the quick actions of a 24-year-old farmer.