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Denver Schools Are Ensuring That No Kids Go Hungry By Offering Free Meals Over the Summer

The program isn't just feeding Denver school children, either.

Dog Runs Up to His Best Friend Every Day After School and His Excitement is Contagious

A dog is a man's best friend, and every boy's too—especially in this case. Henrique Muraro is only 6 years old, but his immediate bond...

Teacher Sets Up Snack Shop in School Hallway to Boost Performance of Anxious Students

This teacher wanted to make sure that his students would ace their 3-hour AP English exam – so he grabbed some goodies and set up shop in the hallway.

Former Student Repays School Staff by Surprising Them With Their Own Vacations

In an impressive show of kindness, a former student donated $96,000 worth of vacation money to the staff of their former elementary school.

When Fallen Officer’s Son Asks for Someone to Take Him to School, He’s Shocked to See 70 Cops Waiting

The 5-year-old had asked his mom if she could find one of his dad's friends to escort him back to school – which is why he was shocked to see 70 law enforcement officials waiting for him.

Man Keeps Kids From Chopping Trees, Puts Them Into School, and Saves Environment at the Same Time

Jean Bosco may have grown up in a home without electricity or running water, but that did not stop him from using his high school education to do great things for his country.

She Heard a Child’s Plea in Liberia, and it Turned into Schools for 1,500 Girls

It all started with a little girl. At age eleven, Abigail was selling herself on the streets of Liberia in exchange for clean drinking...

Mom of 5 Tried to End it All After Devastating Loss – Until Pastor Randomly Reawakened Childhood Dream of Law School

Ieshia Champs has overcome every kind of hardship – but now, she is fulfilling her childhood dream by graduating Magna Cum Laude from law school.

Grocery Worker’s Dream Comes True When Music School Sees This Viral Video and Invites Him to Apply

Gilly Assuncao had given up on his dream of being a professional musician – but after a video of his grocery store soundcheck was shared on the internet, he's on his way to fulfilling his ambitions.

High School Student’s Ingenious Solution Could Save Bees From Drinking Poisonous Water

A high school student is being hailed for discovering an incredibly simple way to help save bees – and he is already contacting local...

Police Officers Stand In For Children’s Parents Who Couldn’t Make it to School Dance

While school dances may be fun ways for children to bond with their parents, some moms and dads just can't join in because of...

School Bus Driver is Being Hailed For Calmly Handling Collision With Semitrailer

It can be hard to maintain a cool head under pressure—but especially difficult to stay calm in a situation like the one Tammy Cummings...

Every Single Public School Teacher Got What They Requested Online, Thanks to Cryptocurrency Company

Thanks to a generous California-based company, teachers all over the country will be receiving exactly what they’ve been asking for. Donors Choose is a nonprofit...

Teacher’s Painstaking Microsoft Diagrams Spur Tech Company to Give Back to His Ghana School

The teacher's startlingly accurate chalkboard depiction of Microsoft Office has earned him international recognition and an outpouring of support for his school.

Students Worried About Parked Police Car at School Until They Saw What He was Doing

While students and parents discussed their concern over the police car that was parked outside of school two weeks ago, their worries soon melted...

Power is Restored to Puerto Rican School Thanks to Boy’s Generous Heart

If it had not been for the kindness of a 7-year-old boy from Buffalo, Illinois, these Puerto Rican students may still have been sitting in darkness.

When Teens Are Asked to do Something Kind, They Write 5,100 Notes to Uplift Every Student in School

When the students at Carmel Clay High School were asked to do something kind for their fellow classmates, they did not just rise to...

Good News Weekly–LIVE with LA Weekly Founder Jay Levin: He’s Bringing Emotional Learning to Schools

If you missed our live stream of Good News Weekly-LIVE on Facebook Tuesday evening, check out our interview below with Jay Levin the LA Weekly Founder...

High School Wrestler With Down Syndrome Finishes His Final Season Totally Undefeated

Cedric was invited to join the wrestling team when he was in 8th grade – and he's been a force to be reckoned with ever since.

Watch Students Run Cheering Down the Hall When Power Comes Back on in Puerto Rican School

After 112 days without power, the powerful reaction of these Puerto Rican students finally getting electricity back in their building is contagious.